First Day Back!

Schools in Toronto are allowed to reopen!!

Yesterday was the first day that schools in Toronto were allowed to reopen since being closed after the Christmas break.

This meant that students haven’t been in their classrooms since December 18th.

My school has been home since December 7th. A full ten weeks.

Monday was a holiday and I eagerly prepared for my first day back. On Wednesday, I packed my school bag and cleaned up my “work space” and got my lunch bag out. I prepared my lunch Monday evening. I am having pinwheels this week (cream cheese, died cranberries, green onions) with pepperettes and raw veggies (radishes and carrots). I got all that ready. Also put a yogurt cup right beside all that in the fridge. I put a banana into my lunch bag along with a spoon and a bag of pretzel sticks.

In my bag I sorted out which masks I wanted to wear. 2 of my new 3-layer ones for teaching time, and 2 of my older 2-layer ones for walking to and from work. They get wet from the cold air and my hot breath. I also put in my silicone bracket that goes under my mask when I am teaching.

I set a new alarm on my fitbit to get up earlier than normal so I could leave early. Tuesdays I don’t have any prep time and I have first recess outside. I wanted to get into my room and have some peace and quiet before the chatterbox arrives. She’s one student who can not just sit and be quiet. I’d need to do some photocopying, some math lesson planning, some hanging up of the alphabet in my co-teacher’s room and then switch up the calendar and schedule and stuff.

I had this all planned out before 6pm so I could enjoy my last evening. I even had my shower planned out for later that night, and even to shave my legs to make it feel super extra. I’m sure if you’re a leg-shaver you understand LOL

Then 6:30pm happened. An email. “Dear parents – we are monitoring the incoming inclement weather and due to the severity of it, are considering closing the school tomorrow. If so, classes will be online. We’ll let you know by 8:30pm”

I get into the group chat with my work friends and one says its 100% we are staying home. That was just a courtesy email to the parents so they can start to plan child care. But everyone is still under stay at home orders so really it should be ok.

And then 8:30 came and went. No email.

8:50pm – “Due to the severity of the inclement weather, we will be closing the school tomorrow in an effort to keep our community safe. Classes will run as scheduled online”

So my first day back to “in-class teaching” was at home…

By the time you’re reading this I will be in my classroom surrounded by the annoying love bugs that I call my students and wishing I still had mute buttons for them HAHA

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