Nail Art: abstract

Tried my hand at abstract!!

Not much to say for this one. Here is my inspiration:

Its a nice winter design with the deep shades and matte top coat. To get the swipes, you have to almost completely remove all the polish from the brush. I used a method of swiping it on the bottle next and then taking a pass or two on paper towel.

The cream I had to mix. My nude shade with a tiny drop of white to make it just a little more opaque.

The dots are a dark grey instead of black. It gives the same colour pallet without being as hash of a contrast as black would be.

And my final results:

As you can see I’ve kept the more rounded tip. I am liking this shape better than the one I had two weeks ago. I file it straight across to the length I want and then round it off. I can type better with the longer nails with this shape! So its great!

12 thoughts on “Nail Art: abstract

    • I tried to match the colours as closely as possible haha! Hoping that my next set I’ll be able to be an almost nude nail. But its the one that had all the glitter last time so I’ll have a lot of filing to do to get it nude again haha

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