Sunday Scribblings #39

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is neighbor. And that’s the only time you’ll see it spelled in the American way haha.

It feels kind of weird now a days that you can live in a place for years and never really know your neighbours. It’s definitely a different time than when my parents were younger.

I have lived in Toronto for about 4.5 years now and only for about 6 months have I known my neighbours. And that was only because there was a pandemic and I became friends with the people in my old house who lived upstairs. In our misery over the Crazy that I shared the basement apartment, we formed a bond. And through them, I met the people who lived in the house beside ours.

They were nice neighbours too. The people who owned the house are a family of three. The dad is in construction, the mom I’m not sure and then a cute little four/five year old daughter. They also had a very big dog.

In the basement, a young couple, and their ADORABLE little wiener dog puppy. So cute. He was named after some rapper – Tunechie? It was adorable to say and he would come bounding over whenever you said it but I’m not sure who it refers to in real life.

Other than that, I didn’t know anyone else. And I don’t know my neighbours here either.

When I moved into the last place, Crazy said we weren’t roommates but neighbours. Which was just his way of saying that we were to have no interaction. He said we weren’t friends or anything else. Just neighbours. Which was totally fine because he’s Crazy, but then he would also basically hold me hostage in the kitchen talking and talking forever until I just walked away.

Aaron says it’s a “waving nicely to your neighbour” type of post so I won’t go any further into the Crazy haha.

Even the people I live with now. I know that I blog about them as Messy Girl, Boyfriend 2, Nice Girl and Quiet Girl. But that is legit how I know them. Messy Girl I know her name, but the other three no idea. And the other guy outside of the party room I know his name and we talk a bit. But the people who live in the lower levels I don’t know either. I’ve talked to one couple just because the breaker box is in their room and I’ve had to go into it and flip the breaker for the power in my room a few times. But that’s it. I also think that the environment in Toronto leads you not to talk to people or trust people.

I think it’s sad that we no longer know our neighbours. I never really knew neighbours growing up but like there were a few close neighbours. And of course, a few bad experiences. My parents grew up in a different time and my dad has made friends with lots of people who live around him over the last ten years in the house they live in.

Maybe when I move in the summer, I will be able to make friends with the new people who will live around me.

Are you friends with your neighbours? If how, how long have they been your neighbour? How close of a friendship to your have with them? Is it even possible to be close with neighbours in this society and after a pandemic?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #39

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  2. I kind of went the same route with my post today… the difference between knowing neighbors back in the day and (not) knowing them today. It reminds me a lot of the stand up bit that Sebastian Maniscalco does about how we respond when the doorbell rings today compared to 20 years ago. If you’ve never seen it, go to YouTube and look it up. Hilarious.

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  3. I’ve seen that bit by Maniscalco just recently. Very funny. When I was growing up we knew all our neighbors all around us and up the block besides. I had one aunt who lived on the corner of the next street and another aunt on the corner of the street in the other direction so I was always going from one house to another and my folks were friends with all the neighbors too. We would have huge 4th of July parties because our house was in the middle and everyone would come there. there were a bunch of kids my age and we hung out all the time. Now we know most of the neighbors on our block but we’ve been here 24 years and some we just nod and say hello to.

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  4. I know 10 houses of neighbours (helped by the configuration of our house on the street). Of them, 4 houses we talk to quite a bit and only 2 where it is really just as a wave or if there’s something we need to talk about (to do with being neighbours). The other 4 we talk to occasionally, but know them well enough to stop and chat when we do see them (they aren’t quite so close to our house).

    At our last place it was the same, quite friendly/close with 3 neighbours (stop in for a cuppa and chat close), stop and chat with 1 neighbour and 1 to wave and discuss neighbourly things.

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  5. When I was a kid, there were a lot of kids around my age on the street, and most of us went to the same few schools too. So we knew a lot of the neighbours up and down the boulevard because they were me and my brother’s playmates. We would be hanging out next door or at the house across the street or a few doors down or all be riding our bikes in between each other’s driveways. It’s just feels so much harder as an adult!

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