The 16th!

Is going to be such an amazing day!!!

Because it will be the day I go back to teaching in a classroom!!!

It will be the first day in the classroom in 10 weeks. TEN WEEKS!!!

My teacher friends are super angry about it, half of them that is. Saying its not safe and its putting them at risk. But honestly we need to go back. The children need us to go back! And I’m so over chasing assignments from students whose parents “don’t approve of online teaching”. Like seriously just submit the assignment! Ugh

But for right now, I am super happy that I will be back in my classroom and seeing my lovebugs!

4 thoughts on “The 16th!

    • I can’t wait!! My one class is obsessed right now with talking about going back. Every day after lunch when the sections switch, one little girl always asks about either the virus or why we have to stay home or when we are going back. So I’m glad she gets some good news haha! Still waiting for an email from our board of directors but I am still so excited

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