Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Nails

A few new things for the next holiday in 2021.

I normally don’t get excited for Valentine’s Day, last year being the first year that I actually had romantic plans for the holiday, but this year, with the pandemic keeping us all at home, I got excited as it meant that I would have a reason to do a really pretty design on my nails.

And I definitely found a lovely design! Here is the inspiration picture:

I liked how simple it is, yet very different and not just a plain colour for all the nails.

I drilled down all the nails and pulled out my clear polygel to get the job done. I’d need the clear for the glitter nail and decided I didn’t want the hassle of switching polygel tubes in the middle of the design. It wouldn’t have been too much more than 30 seconds of getting the new tube out of the package but whatever.

I have never tried to build and shape a rounded fake nail, square is my go to shape. But even with natural nails, I kept them squared off as much as possible. But since the inspiration picture has rounded, I decided that I would try that myself as well.

On Friday I rounded off my old design just to see if I liked in and over Saturday I still liked them enough that I decided to give it a go and attempt the rounded nails!

In the end I quite like them! Of course, they aren’t perfect and I can see all the imperfections but they turned out really nice.

And of course, as I am doing now, here is the Instagram video of the process!

Not sure if the rounded style will last, but so far it’s easy to type with the longer nails and texting is easy too. I do still love square ends but we’ll see what the next two weeks inspire me to do!

6 thoughts on “Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Nails

    • Thanks Janet! I am finding a few things I don’t like about them and the look is already starting to lose its appeal πŸ˜‚they will be back tp square probably on the weekend. The design will stay until Valentine’s Day just not the shape

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  1. Yours are rounded, the original photo has pointed – don’t like pointed. Not sure where this trend has come from but they are more like talons these days. Really not a fan.

    You did a great job (I especially like the glitter, so pretty).

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    • Yes the original was more pointed. I don’t know how ladies wear stiletto nails! Oh goodness! Haha I like the glitter too! They turned out better than I was expecting! Each glitter nail is a different technique but both look lovely! I like the depth of them ☺️ but am already looking forward to going back to a more straight edge


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