Sunday Scribblings #38

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is art.

I love to go to art galleries. I think there is something so wonderful about looking at a piece of art work that someone has painted or captured with a camera, or formed using their hands and various different textiles. There is one art gallery here in Toronto that I adore! It’s called The Power Plant and it’s right on the water at the Harbour Front Centre. It is quite a journey to get down there, about an hour or so on the TTC, but I love it. Most likely because I get to ride a streetcar. I don’t know what it is about streetcars but I love them!

It’s a lovely afternoon outing. I go down and explore their galleries. It only takes about 30 minutes to go through the whole thing, and it’s free. Which is amazing because I never understand their installations. I never understand any installations. In any museum or gallery. Like seriously how am I supposed to know what the artist was trying to convey through their art? It’s so strange to me but I like to go and appreciate their work all the same. And then when I’m done, I like to take a walk along the boardwalk and see the lake and then grab a delicious beaver tail and inhale it while waiting for the TTC to head back to my home.

Like most people, I’m going to say that I can’t do art. I don’t think that I have any artistic ability. When I say that, I mean that I don’t have any visual art ability. If you ask me to draw you a picture, it will be very poorly done and probably will not look like what you wanted in the first place.

But art comes in so many different forms! And when I think about it, I think that I have a lot of artistic abilities! Just not as a famous painter.

First of all, my nails. People say it’s a real artistic ability but I’m not exactly sure that it is. I won’t argue with you though if you say it is. It does take patience and a little bit of skill and I’m super proud of them when they look all pretty. And come back tomorrow for probably a nail art post because they are being changed today.

And I love to take photographs. I haven’t sold any or anything but I love them and I think they are really nice.

And I write. I love this blog and wish I had more time/motivation to write and to write other things. But when I do get the chance to write, I see it as a freeing experience and another form of my own personal artistic expression.

Lastly, while some might not agree, I think teaching is a form of art. You have to dazzle and create this world of learning and love of information for kids. Where they can explore in a safe place and have that connection to what they are learning! Through spoken words and actions, you are a story teller for every lesson.

So while I will constantly say I’m not an artist, maybe perhaps deep down inside I actually am?

13 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #38

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  2. As someone who knows nothing about nail art, I can say that whenever you’re able to draw a small image on a small canvas like a nail, and do it with such precision that you can tell what it actually is – that is art. And it’s very impressive.

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  3. I love art as well – I have a membership to the National Gallery of Australia (so lucky to be living in our capital to be able to). Plus there are heaps of other galleries here. Another thing to add to our “when you get here” list 😉

    I am not an artist, but I am arty. Exactly how I would describe myself as well. I scrapbook, make cards, cross stitch, sew, paint, draw, photograph… none of it well but it gives me pleasure. I just wish I had more time to do it all (*note to eslf, Barbarians getting older*).

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