Fire Marshals and Department of Inspections

Peeps and Meeps, I had some visitors yesterday!

So we all know that Toronto has been in lockdown since November. We are currently under a stay at home order so I am working from home. Schools are closed and at home life is honestly ok. I miss going to work but being able to work from home in the middle of a pandemic is a blessing! Even though I would say that I am considered an essential worker.

But working from home can be boring. I sit in my room all day and have my lessons and stuff and then I sit in my room after work and read/watch tv. I am so glad that I have a nice big room.

Yesterday, I got my lunch ready and then I set up for my lunchtime video chat with my coworker that we almost always have. It’s nice because at school I never see her! Covid has made our friendship stronger.

She was running a little late yesterday so, while still logged into the video chat waiting, I heard some talking down stairs and I was curious. I had been down about 10 minutes earlier and I was the only one awake in the house (yes, at 11:45am I am usually the only one awake) and then there’s lots of talking. I didn’t hear anyone knock at the door so I immediately think that the party room has people over and then I’m angry!

So I take my water bottle which is almost full and go to the kitchen to fill it up. The top was gross so I took the extra time to scrub and wash the top while also kind of listening to the conversation happening in the doorway right off the kitchen.

Two male voices, asking the party group what they paid in rent and did they have a lease and how did they hear about living here etc etc. Hmmmms okies….

I couldn’t stall any longer so I went back up and my friend had arrived in the video chat. I said hi and made the motion that I was going to be typing in the chat box. She nodded and kept talking as normal as I furiously typed explaining what I had heard.

Then I hear these strange men walking around the house! And my friend heard it too!! THEN they knocked on my door!! So I muted the video (should have left it on) and then went to the door. As I’m sure you guessed from the title of this post, it was some department of inspections guy and a fire marshal! They had a complaint that someone thought this house was being run as an illegal boarding house!! They couldn’t say who it was but in most cases it was either a neighbour or a tenant. I have two guesses: the hot 21 year old who left on bad terms at the end of October OR the new guy who just moved in.

Anyway, they asked me some questions: how long I lived here, did I know anyone who lived here, how did I hear about the place, how do I pay rent, how much, do I have a lease etc. They took a photo of my room from the doorway and also of the lock on my door.

They checked over everything and at the end of it, the landlord was found in the wrong. The two men said that our living here would not be affected and that the landlord would just have to fix things to make it right. After easedropping on the inspector’s conversation with my landlord, and talking to my landlord this is what I found out:

She had zero carbon monoxide detectors in the house! Like I should have checked when I arrived but I didn’t. The smoke detector in the kitchen didn’t have a battery, and the one outside my bedroom door is in fact the doorbell not a safety feature LOL She was also missing these items in the two apartments on the lower levels.

There is also a door in our upper apartment that leads to the back apartment downstairs. It is sealed on both sides I think. But that needs to be replaced either with a fire door OR she needs to rip it out and drywall it over. Same with the second door on the party room.

Then they went downstairs and talked about more things.

So the detectors have been installed and batteries replaced etc all before 6pm last night. Which is great, she was over here and her handyman arrived and everything was installed. I also took the chance to get a set of hooks hung up in my room since her man was here anyway. They were on the back of my door but since the door is hallow, there was nothing for them to secure into and they fell off lol. Now they are drilled into the wall. Much better.

I talked to Quiet Girl and Nice girl and they didn’t call and said that Messy Girl and Boyfriend2 didn’t call either. So we have no idea who called.

Then I was watching tv and my wifi extender network went out. So I go downstairs and the powerbar that it was connected to was shutting off. My guess is that it’s a regular power bar, and it was running the fridge and my little extender and it just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to unplug it, plug the fridge into the wall which is a VERY unsteady and unsecured outlet, text a picture to the landlord telling her this is a fire hazard, then plug my wifi extender into a different outlet and put a “don’t unplug” sticker on it since my work laptop, work ipad, personal phone, and personal tv are all on that network. I talked to Messy Girl in the party room and told her everything and Quiet Girl was with her, and I also spoke to non-Party room Guy so now everyone knows.

I also heard the inspector talking to the landlord about the people here. It’s not illegal to have so many, but now I know exactly how many! There are 14 people living in this building!!! There are 3 apartments. My upper level has 4 bedrooms and 6 people. The lower front apartment has 3 bedrooms (4 people). And the back apartment has a family of 4.

Needless to say, it was a stressful day and I slept like crap and I have a massive headache but thank goodness it is Friday. And I thank God that nothing horrible happened before the detectors were installed and working properly. My summer move is looking more and more appealing!

9 thoughts on “Fire Marshals and Department of Inspections

    • Yes! Exactly! And things that I know I need to check for but in the summer I was in such a need of a new place I forgot to thoroughly check for them. I noted a few things but was not as careful as I should have been. Im glad things are getting up to code

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  1. Fingers crossed a nice small place, with safe power points, smoke detectors and nice (if any) roomies that is close to work becomes available right at end-of-lease time!

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        • I had always planned to move again this summer. I wish I could stop moving every summer. This will be the third summer in a row. Which means I have no savings because its all in moving expenses and my job doesn’t let me save lots to build it back up. Hopefully this move idea will fix quite a few of those issues….

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