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Christmas presents for myself!

I was on the naughty list this year, so I took it upon myself to buy my own gifts for Christmas. That and the fact that Le brother and I refused to participate in gift exchanges over the holidays with our family, and the fact that we didn’t gather as a family, meant that I was getting exactly what I wanted because I was buying it myself.

My list this year was very short. I wanted a stand/tripod/overhead holder for my phone to make nail videos and a fitbit.

I got BOTH! Plus a new yoga mat!

And I used gift cards for all of it! Thank you to the two students who gave me a gift card for Christmas and the school for sending gift cards to all the employees. Don’t you just love using gift cards for things you were planning to buy anyway?!

So my fitbit.

I have wanted one for a while but also kind of felt like they were too “extra”. I honestly just wanted a step tracker but every one that I looked at had so many other features. However, since I had the gift card, I went ahead and got one! I ordered on Christmas day and got a nice little deal. I got it on sale ($80 instead of $130) and after taxes and my gift card from work, I only had to pay $1.69 for it so yay me!

I purchased the Inspire 2. Which is a relatively new model! It was released in September 2020.

It arrived on December 29th so I’ve had it for about 4 weeks so far. And let me tell you something! I am obsessed.

The first day I had it (well half day because it arrived in the late afternoon) I checked it a thousand times just to see what my heart rate was. I am always obsessed with my heart. My dad had a heart attack in 1999 and has high blood pressure and cholesterol. Same with my mom (no heart attack though) and Le brother has high blood pressure. Since I am also a good hefty weight, I am always concerned with my heart health. So far so good though. My cardiac fitness isn’t good, BUT my heart rate is.

And then I started to see other functions on it.

That first day I spent a good HOUR trying to pick a clock face. The Inspire2 has so many choices! I finally settled on one that shows me the date/time/battery life/one function at the bottom. That bottom function cycles through by tapping but I usually have the heart rate on the screen. I am curious as to what my resting heart beat is that day (cos it changes…) and also what my heart is beating at during any particular activity. Ps: I charged it fully on December 29th by like 4pm. And January 6th at 10:00am the battery was only at 55%.

Of course, we all know that I have an addictive personality. Like in the spring when I was obsessing over how many steps I took that day. Or how far I was walking. I just get one thing set in my mind and then I focus hard core on it.

The fitbit has started that. Even after having it only for a week, I was obsessed. Mostly with my sleep patterns and water intake.

I need to drink more water. I have noticed that my cough and sore throat go away when I drink more. So obviously my body is telling me it’s too dry in there and I need to hydrate. Which is good. I sleep with my humidifier right beside my pillow and turned on all night (until it runs out of water and automatically shuts off) to get some moisture into my throat, and now I am trying to get 64oz of water every day.

At first this seemed like a lot. I have a Contingo shake bottle which has measurement markings on the side of it. It’s 24oz. And the thought of drinking almost 3 of them a day was daunting to start! But then I also had to remember that water comes in different forms, not just plain water. My morning coffee counts, a random hot chocolate counts, trip to Starbucks counts.

I had to buy a new coffee maker over the holidays and the instruction book for it was kind enough to tell me each measured cup on the side of her pot is 5.4oz. Well I drink 2 cups each morning so that’s already 10.8oz right off the bat! Plus cream so let’s round it up to 11. I fill my water bottle before bed, and take a few good gulps right when I wake up before I do anything. I heard its good to jump start your body in the morning. Then it’s just a matter of keeping track along the bottle all day. I have even used the water bottle to measure how much a full mug of liquid is in my mugs that I have and wrote that number on the bottom of the mug. I told you I get a little obsessive!

The only downside of tracking the water is that since I am focused on putting so much into my body, it all has to come out. Which adds steps to my day and when I was on holiday and doing nothing, it at least increased my daily steps LOL. And since I an working from home, it is much easier to nip to the bathroom during recess as long as a roommate isn’t in it.

And then there’s the sleep. Of course this is something I could never track before. But now I can! It tracks light sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep, it tells you how much time you were actually asleep over night and how much you were awake, your heart rate during sleep. It’s actually quite fascinating!

It also gives you a sleep score. My goal is to have a score above 80% every night. This doesn’t always happen but often it does! I have a solid sleep schedule and once school started back up again, my sleep score kind of balanced itself out. It even picks up naps that I take LOL super cool!

Of course there are some downsides to it. It doesn’t really track steps perfectly. I gained over 2,000 “steps” by doing my nails with it on. I guess the motion of filing and everything makes the device think that I’m moving LOL. But I do appreciate the step counter. It’s the reason I wanted it in the first place, but honestly it’s the thing I check the least often. Funny how that goes.

I do have the daily goal of 10,000 steps and when I’m actually AT work it’s easier to get them, at home it’s a little different. I do enjoy the “used calorie” tracker! Every day you need to burn a specific amount of calories and it tracks it based on the info you gave it (age/weight/height/recorded daily activity). That’s super cool! It tracks my period which is fine I guess. I don’t need it to do that but I can’t turn it off. I have alarms set as well which is great for work so I don’t need my phone close by to hear them. I wake up better with the vibrations than with my phone and can insert my ear plugs deeper since I don’t have to hear my phone go off. Overall I am sleeping better! It also lets you do challenges with friends and I have already done 2 weekly step challenges with my coworkers.

I wish I could take some of the apps off the device. I can customize a few things, but not as much as I would like. But that’s ok. I talked to an agent over their website chat and she filed a request to look into customizing it more haha.

All in all, I love this purchase!

Do you have a fitbit? Do you love it?

13 thoughts on “Fitbit Life

  1. I don’t have a fit bit but I am using my phone to track my steps because I am trying to increase my steps each day. So far I have added almost 1000 steps a day. I am interested in the stand you got for your phone to help with your videos. Gonna do a post on that?

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  2. Nope, no fitbit. but glad you are loving yours.

    It’s interesting that health advice is different. I figured that would be universal (as in, not everything counts as “water” here – coffee definitely doesn’t). So 2 litres of water (which is our recommended daily) is water or herbal tea. Nothing else counts.

    Also curious, by taxes, do you mean Canada is like the Us and that taxes are added to the purchase price? In Oz the ticket price is the price!

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    • I’m sure that for the fitbit their “water” is also probably just “water” and most days I get over the daily 64oz to not include the coffee, but for right now I’m logging it to make myself get that limit every day haha

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    • And YES! Ugh we have to add taxed to the shelf price. For some things. Like in the grocery store “essentials” don’t have tax. A carton of eggs will be the shelf price. But a bag of chips will have taxes on it.


      • That’s crazy! Everything on the shelf in Australia has whatever taxes included (not everything has a tax). But you pick up an item and that’s what you pay. How hard is it to include that on the shelf price? I lump that in the same bucket as tipping (I mean, as a business owner you need the waitress, right, so just pay them a salary!) – another thing we don’t have cause there is a minimum wage for everyone.

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        • I 100% agree!!!!! Uuuuuggggghhh We have a minimum wage as well, but you’re right in that it doesn’t apply to waitstaff…

          Australia clearly has things figured out much better than us. As sibling colonies you’d think we’d have more in common? Lol


            • Haha there might also be a tiny hint of you being a colony of criminals 😂😂

              Speaking of which, the book I’m reading now is by an Auzzy, a man who escaped from prison in 1980 and was on the run for 10 years before being caught and forced back to finish out his sentence 🤭 its like 900 pages and I’m only about 50 pages in right now lol


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