A Night Light

Guys I am SHOOK!

So we are still reliving the stories from my Christmas holiday, and yeah, it’s like three weeks later but I don’t care! You get posts, I get community interaction, and life is good!

Okies, so picture this: it’s 3am, I’m sleeping in my room, all snuggled nice and warm in my bed. And I roll over to face the window. I do this a lot, I toss and turn all night long from one side to the other.

So as I turn, my eyeballs are ASSAULTED by this massively bright light that is shining through the gap in my curtains!

I keep them a few inches apart because otherwise I sleep in too late. My room is too dark to naturally wake up if they are closed all the way.

So I get all huffy, squint at the light cos I don’t have my glasses on, decide it’s the moon (dude you are BRIGHT tonight!) and close my curtains all the way.

But then I wake up, and it bothers me for a few days that this light was in my window. Because it was like IN my window!!

Then I started to think…when I walk to work, I can see the moon sometimes still in the sky. And it is on the opposite side of the house…

So WHY would the moon move to the opposite site of the house just to shine in my bedroom window with such BRIGHTNESS at 3am? And only ONE NIGHT!?!

From how I remember it, it’s like a flashlight brightness right into my room!!???

What was it?! Someone standing outside with a flashlight? A drone? A UFO which proves the existence of life on other planets?! I shall never know! But I am fairly certain that it was NOT the moon. I’m honestly a little freaked out by not knowing….

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