Nail Art: Penguins and Polar Bears

Adorableness all over these nails!

As the name of this post suggests, this week I did Penguins and Polar Bears on my nails! As a cute winter design before Valentine’s Day.

My favourite out of all of them has got to be the polar bear with the heart on his noise. So cute.

The single penguin on that hand is supposed to have earmuffs and a scarf but it didn’t transfer like I thought it would and I couldn’t fix it without ruining the whole penguin. And the pinky on the other hand, I stamped the opposite way of all the other stamps LOL it is what it is though! These nails might actually last two full weeks since I think they are so cute!

Maybe Valentine’s Day nails next!

6 thoughts on “Nail Art: Penguins and Polar Bears

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