Sunday Scribblings #36

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is resolution.

If you happened to read my post on my hopes for 2021, you’ll know that one of those hopes was to improve my fitness. I purchased a fitbit and have been using it every since it arrived.

It has helped quite a bit! I’m drinking more water (because you can track it), trying to sleep better (because you can track it), walking more (because you can track it), doing more exercise and watching my heart rate (because you can track it!) Basically anything I can imput in, or that it tracks on it’s own, I am doing because I have an addictive personality and this is my new addiction!

When I got my fitbit I had wanted to start walking everyday and had thought that once the holidays were over I’d be walking to and from work every day which would help in those daily steps! But alas, I am still teaching from home and will be for at least the next four weeks. So my daily walking didn’t really happen.

And now we are on stay-at-home orders. Which still lets us go out for exercise, but still. The government is saying to stay at home and I feel the need to be responsible and lazy and stay at home πŸ˜€

Except this week. I had a step challenge with some coworkers of mine. One of them is the gym teacher and she usually gets between 20,000 – 25,000 steps every day! YES EVERY DAY! Since they can’t have gym inside, she takes the kids out for walks. I was intimidated! I thought that I’d lose! AND I HATE TO LOSE!

So I started walking every morning. Just a quick 20-minute loop around the block. It adds about 2,000 steps depending on how fast I go!

Out of the three of us, the gym teacher came in last LOL which is so shocking! From her determination on challenges with other teachers, I thought she’d be on her treadmill every single day! But nopes.

I was first, with 27, 260 steps for the whole week. Sometimes I feel like it wasn’t fair because I had to go to the library and I don’t have a car so I have to walk. Even if I take the bus, there’s still a fair bit of walking involved. And I also went grocery shopping Friday afternoon. Again, no car so I’m walking. Granted, it’s a 2 minute walk from my house to the front of the store but still! That adds in some steps!! I didn’t go for my morning walk on Thursday though, so the grocery trip just balanced that out.

The second place went to the JK teacher at my school, she got 24, 266! Just under 3,000 less than me. If I hadn’t gone grocery shopping we would have been so close!

And then the gym teacher with 16,330.

I think we are going to do it again this week! It’s only Monday to Friday which is good because I slept wrong last night and my whole left side of my neck is stiff and sore and currently slathered in vicks, wrapped in a towel trying to get some heat infused into it. Myself and the JK teacher are already logged into the challenge. I don’t have any trips to the library this week, so it’s anybody’s guess who will win!

How are your resolutions coming this year?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #36

  1. I’m really glad the Fitbit is working for you. I got a fitness tracker wristwatch thing a couple years back and I never wear it. Not to say I didn’t give it a legitimate shot. I think mine was a Garmin something or other. The problem I had was that my skin had a bad reaction to having the watch on 24/7. My wrist started breaking out right under the watch piece… got to the point where it was irritating and painful. So I just stopped wearing it. I still have it, and I’d go back to wearing it if I thought I’d have a different reaction to it… or a non-reaction. I really did like how it tracked everything throughout the day/night and would remind me to get up and move around if I’d been idle for too long. I’m tempted to go get it and plug it in so it can recharge, but my arm is getting itchy just thinking about it.

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    • This is also a concern I have but with the band, not the device part. BUT good news! You can get metal bands on amazon for it and they easily interchange πŸ˜‚ so far Mine hasn’t caused any irritation and I try not to let it get wet. But with the challenge last week, I wore it in the shower to count those extra like what? 50 steps? But it wasn’t daily. I firmly believe that in winter you don’t need to shower EVERY day. If I’m staying home all day, barely moving from my chair, my body does not need a shower and I don’t need to waste the water. If I am exercising or going to work then yes, 100% showering those germy germs from the kids off my body as soon as possible after I get home lol

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  3. You will love your fitbit! I’m on my 3rd one! Let’s link up. I need more motivation. What your email I find that’s the easiest way to get connected

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  4. Great work! I don’t make resolutions, as you know, but I have been trying to get in extra steps each day by walking the dog longer. I have so far managed an extra 1000 steps a day on average. From Monday to this morning I have logged 21,038 steps and I still have my afternoon walk to do, plus a trip to Target for some groceries. Not bad for a beginning. I am a far cry from 10,000 steps a day though!

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    • Oh very awesome!! Getting those extra steps takes some work! If I’m walking to/from work that’s a solid 4,000 I think and then all my running at school. But I no longer go to the staffroom so its just my trips to the other side of the building for the facilities haha which are every chance I get. I do not have “the teacher bladder”

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  5. Which fitbit do you have? I got the versa 3 for Xmas and I mostly love it, but I also think I got a dud. The heart rate monitor isn’t reading accurately.

    Remember last Tuesday I shared on fb when I was having an anxiety attack while on the elliptical (yes that was actually happening)… according to my tracker I only hit cardio mode when I stepped off the machine. The tracker said I only burned 484 calories while the machine said i burned 663. I’m gonna exchange it and see if it’s any better. Otherwise I may just have to go back to my charge 2.


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