Stay At Home Orders 2.0

Just as I started using the library again….

Okies, so we all know that the world is still in the throws of this dang virus and I for one am over this. I am tired of working from home and want to go back to work.

Just as cases were surging again in Toronto, I have decided that I need to read. Like have you ever had that urge? To just read a physical book?! I didn’t even attempt to fill that void with ebooks or audiobooks because I just can’t. Don’t ask me to reconsider because it’s not going to happen.

So a week ago I put 10 books on hold with the library – 4 for school and 6 for my own personal reading. Two were ready in just two days so I walked to the library to pick them up. There is a nice little system going on there to get books!

  1. Open library door and place card with the number side up on the table that is blocking the door
  2. Walk away from the door and let it close so the librarian can walk up
  3. She gets your books and places them on the table
  4. She pushes the wheelchair access button and the door opens and you get your books

I finished that first book in 4 hours lol. It was such an easy read and I was sucked in and crying by the end.

Then 6 more were ready on Tuesday. And also on Tuesday it was announced that the whole province would be under stay-at-home orders for the next 28 days at least. Most of the province’s schools will open on January 25th but my region (Toronto, aka a hot spot) will be closed until Feb 10th at the earliest. But then the 11th is a religious holiday, 12th a PD day, 13/14 the weekend, 15th is family day aka a provincial holiday. So I’m home until Feb 16th at the earliest.

So these stay at home orders mean that you can only go out for essentials (food/medical) and exercise. All non-essential stores must be closed from 8pm-7am. And if stopped by a police you need to show you have a valid reason to be outside (basically at anytime).

THANKFULLY the library is still open for pickups and drop-offs. How horrible would it have been if as soon as I have the desire to read again they were closed?! This is my only non-essential indulgence I will be having over the next little while.

I need it. Especially after sitting all day staring at a screen to teach, I need those few hours in the evening to do non-screen things. So basically it IS essential. And I also get books for work.

Double especially after a day like yesterday when Google Classroom and Google Meets was glitchy and kept causing so many issues.

I have also cancelled my disney+ account. I just don’t use it enough to keep it. I have it until February 14th so suggestions are welcome on how to use the last month of my subscription. Book suggestions are also welcome!

14 thoughts on “Stay At Home Orders 2.0

  1. I use my iPad to read library books and love it. But I read magazines, papers and regular books too. I would go bonkers if there was only TV! We need to watch Season 2 of the Mandalorian on Disney+. I use oldestโ€™s account, donโ€™t think Iโ€™d get it for myself tho

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    • I used my ipad to read books when I was in South Korea but never enjoyed it. I need the physical book ๐Ÿ˜‚

      I used Disney a lot when watching all of The Simpsons, and just did a full Marvel marathon. But I have disney DVD’s and will go months without using it so its not worth the subscription right now.


  2. I have always remained dedicated to solid books! It’s easier on the eyes and so much more enjoyable. It’s something about turning the pages maybe? Glad you’re enjoying your books and can get them!

    If you haven’t watched Soul, I’d definitely watch that.

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  4. Glad you were able to go to the library! I’ve often thought what happened if the library closed — I would be very sad. It’s nice to know that no matter what happens we have the library to help open ourminds

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