Planning for the future

Do crazy ideas ever just pop into your head?

As per my post last week, you all know that I signed into Facebook Dating for all of 3.5 days. Just as an experiment to toy with some scammers but I actually met a few nice people and no scammers (that I know of)

On my Facebook profile, it shows my hometown as Kitchener, because well it is. I was born in Kitchener, lived there until half way through kindergarten and then back for grade 8 until the summer after I graduated from my undergrad and then also during teacher’s college. I consider KW to be my home.

While talking to the guy I mentioned in my post last week, he was talking about jobs and things (asking if I was tied to life in Toronto) and mentioned that he had recently applied for a job in Cambridge – which if you look on a map, is very close to Kitchener. For those of you who don’t know what Southern Ontario looks like, here ya go:

I did a quick search in the area and there a surprisingly large number of private schools in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area. Then I hopped on over to kijiji and there are some NICE places to rent in the Cambridge area (I just did a quick search). Like for the price of rent that I am paying now, in a house that has three separate apartments, and in my apartment alone there are 4 rooms and 6 people living here, I could get my own PRIVATE bachelor apartment in Cambridge.

I think rent is a little more expensive in Kitchener and Waterloo, but still.

And I just checked and a monthly bus pass is $90. In Toronto it is $156! ARE YOU READING THESE NUMBERS MY DEAREST PEEPS AND MEEPS?!?!

So now I am seriously considering applying to jobs in that area in the spring. I found my current job in February so I guess in a few weeks I can start looking? Living here will be much more tolerable if I knew that at the end of the summer I will be moving back “home”. Ps: if anyone knows anyone who works at a private school in that area, please feel free to mention to them that I am an amazing person looking for a job haha!

I would love to be back in a city that I know. A place where a lot of my friends are. Where I grew up. I can’t go back to my old church because I would last about 36.4 seconds into a sermon by their current pastor and walk out, but I know lots of people who have switched to other churches and I can get some good recommendations. And really there is nothing solid keeping me here in Toronto aside from my job and the love and happiness I have there.

So while the guy that I mentioned last week didn’t even make it to a first date and at the time of the last edit I’m doing on this post we aren’t even friends, maybe his whole purpose in my life was to spark this desire to be moving and relocating? Maybe he was the push that I needed to end this season of my life and start into another?!


Well, God does. I’ve definitely prayed about it already just after one day (way before this post was scheduled) and will continue to do so moving forward.

Perhaps my Buzzfeed quizzes were right?! Maybe I WILL be moving to a new city this year?!

Ps: also, happy birthday to Le Brother today! And happy first day of the NHL season to my fellow hockey lovers!

6 thoughts on “Planning for the future

  1. You know, I have always lived in the same town, except for a few years when I lived in the towns on either side of me, and I really never wanted to move. I know my husband has entertained the idea of moving to Oregon where his mom is but that would put me too far from my mom who is 97. Every once in a while I do dream about a house in the country though.

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    • Haha! I am just tired of life here to be honest. I’m tired of the same guys in the dating pool, the expensive rent, the massive covid restrictions that other regions don’t have to follow LOL not being close to my friends. Its just time for a change. And it’s set a fire in me to save and pay down debts to help make that happen so yay!

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  2. This is about the 7th town I have lived in, so I am totally on the “go for it” side of the fence. If it is cheaper to live, a place where you are happy and you can find a good job, why wouldn’t you move? I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed the perfect job comes up.

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