Sunday Scribblings #35

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is houseplant.

Growing up we always had houseplants. We had gardens (food and floral) and it was just natural to be surrounded by plants inside and out. My mom loved her little plants. She would even remove leaves or stems from certain houseplants and grow new plants but planting said leaf or stem. Pretty impressive.

I am not that type of person.

I don’t like the responsibility of a houseplant. Like it’s not a lot and it’s boring and I forget about it.

When I lived in South Korea the second time, I bought myself a little house plant. A beautiful succulent. I tried to find the post way back in 2016 where I talked about it, I’m sure I made one! But I couldn’t find it. Anyway, it was beautiful.

I thought that it would be nice to have a plant in my little apartment. At first it was. But I think it invited bugs to come into my place. And if you were following my blog way back then, you’d know that my place already had bugs in it because the window’s weren’t sealed properly.

I kept it alive for a little bit, but after about 3 weeks or a month or so I got bored with it. I didn’t remember to water it, I had to keep moving it every time I cleaned. I was annoyed.

So…one day….I put it outside.

I was on the 3rd floor of the building I think, and my window had an AC box attached to it. Both sides of the window slid open, and one didn’t have a screen, so I just reached out and put the plant on the AC box outside. It would get sunlight and fresh air and rain! Perfect!

Except one day…something happened. Either I was tired of looking at it and I “accidently” pushed it off the AC box ORRR it was windy and it got blown off. One way or another it ended up not there. Honestly I think I pushed it off.

And this is why I don’t have houseplants!

I did have to take care of some houseplants when I was a nanny. But only while the cook/cleaner was on holiday. The rest of the time it was her responsibility.

My best friend loves houseplants! She recently moved into a new place and after about a week or so of being there bought a LOT of plants and she said it totally made her feel better. Like all the power to those types of people, but I am just not one of them LOL

So please, whatever you do, don’t trust me with your houseplants.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #35

  1. Plant care truly is an art in and of itself. Each plant has its own character and what works for one does not necessarily work for the other. I don’t have a green thumb at all but I do have success with starting flowers from seed. It’s such a cool thing to watch develop. All that coding in a tiny little seed. Blows my mind!

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  3. Yeah, I don’t do plants either. My husband did give me a small plant when we were first dating and he said, “As this plant grows, so will our love grow.” Well, that put a bit of pressure on me, you know? That plant did grow a lot, lasted through 4 moves and had to be repotted and split about 5 times but finally, when we moved into this house it died. Fortunately, our love didn’t – LOL.

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    • Awwww that is so sweet!!! If someone said that to me I’d think they were corny and a little crazy 😂😂 but I love that it lasted so long oh my goodness! 🥰🥰🥰 super glad your love didn’t die when the plant did!!

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