Nail Art: Tattooed Ginger Nails

Your formal introduction!

Okies, so during the Christmas break from school, I was avoiding all my work and my to-do list and I decided that I needed to up my nail art game.

“Up your nail art game?” you ask?

Yes – up it up!

Haha say that out loud and then keep reading (up it up LOL)

I decided that I will no longer keep my youtube channel of horrible nail videos and fails and whatnot (so I’m sorry but all previous videos have been deleted in a stupid move on my part), but I will be sticking only with Instagram. Since I can’t invite y’all to my personal Instagram as an anonymous blogger, and to not annoy those on my personal Instagram with all my nail stuff, I have created a new Instagram account, which I have spoken about a few times over the last few weeks.

Well she is up and running and is ready for a proper introduction into the world. Just like in Victorian England, she is now “out in society” (ps has anyone watched Bridgerton on Netflix? cos I watched the whole thing basically in one sitting and fell in LOVE).

So my new account is called Tattooed Ginger Nails. Because I am both tattooed and a ginger 😉 I knew you’d get it. It’s a simple account so far but with my trademark sassy hippo.

It’s pretty cool that I have so many followers already. 22 is a lot! I’m no one famous!! And not even half of those are people I actually know in real life! *gasp* I KNOW! STRANGERS are following it!?! I legit have the same reaction whenever someone follows my blog haha. Fame would not suit me.

So if you’re looking for nail art, please go there. This weekend I made my very first nail video for my new page using that tripod thingy in the picture above (middle picture) and did the design in the picture directly to the left.

Please feel free to check it out! I’m super proud of the video! Although I didn’t realize that you can only post 59 seconds to Instagram and the actual video is a minute and 25 seconds. So it kind of got cut off. I will remember for next time and will make the appropriate cuts.

A massive big thank you to Becky who taught me just tonight how to do IGTV so now here is the full length video 😃

In the future, please expect some imbedded things as I have just this moment learned how to imbed Instagram pages and will be doing so for nail posts in the future.

I have already had a few requests from a work friend on future videos (she wants to see the whole process of filing and shaping and building and shaping again and decorating) so those might crop up as well.

But for now, I am so happy with my little baby and my 22 new followers.



10 thoughts on “Nail Art: Tattooed Ginger Nails

  1. Oh, I love the silver and black abstract stamping. They look amazing (I haven’t been near social media lately, just no time – when the Barbarians are back in school in Feb I’ll get back to social media).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much AJ! 😃 no worries about your free time. Not everyone can be locked in their room in a lockdown with nothing to do cos work was in break 😂😂 I wish my life was more exciting. I am filling it with books so I’ll be ok haha they are hinting at a city wide curfew 😫


      • You’ll probably hate me right now, but oh, to be locked in a room by myself with nothing to do but read, watch some tv etc sounds blissful right now (I’ve just cooked 1kg bacon, 2 kg hash browns, a half dozen eggs, and provided 2 litres of juice – all of which have been consumed… Jeckle had mates here for a sleepover overnight).

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        • Oh come to Toronto! LOL he wouldn’t be allowed to have friends over. Haha I haven’t been out of my house since Saturday. Like I go out to check the mail and to fo down for laundry. But thats it. Tomorrow I am walking to the library. Three weeks of nothing but netflix and disney plus has made me dislike tv LOL

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              • When Victoria (state in Oz) was in lockdown for 4 months they had to wear a mask outdoors as well as in (allowed out for medical, 30mins exercise on their own, essential worker, groceries).

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                • Oooo we haven’t gotten that bad yet! Non essentials are closed and we are told to only go out for essentials. Still able to go out and do things but I try not to. Like even going on transit last weekend was a huge choice for me but I needed to pick up a new coffee maker 😂😂 I legit sat and STRUGGLED with the choice to get library books. But I need them or I will die lol I have 10 for pickup haha 4 are work my lessons but still lol

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