Sunday Scribblings #34

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is time.

Since Julyish, I have been attending a new church. Of course, as I have mentioned before, I have never been to the church in person since all the services are on YouTube, I still say that I am attending. Last Sunday, the youth minister gave a sermon on time and seasons in life, as it was the last Sunday of the year, it seemed fitting. Especially after the year that we have had.

He made references to the song “Turn, turn, turn” by the Byrds. Which I know we all know! But if you need a little bit of a reminder, and for two weeks in a row an ear worm, here ya go:

Apparently it’s the only song to ever reach number 1 on the top 100 with scripture in it. But it makes a very valid point as we move into a new year, especially after the one we just had.

For everything in life, there is a time or a season. We are all in the time of COVID right now, but it will only be one season out of our lives. Many of us have been affected financially, all of us emotionally, by this season in our lives, but again, it is just one season. Some of us are coming out finding new things about ourselves, some of us are coming out worse than we entered, some are not coming out at all.

For me, personally, I am coming out of this season in my life a better person. Or I hope I am! I have fixed quite a few things in my life over the last year that I should have done a long time ago – at least a decade ago if I am being honest. If I’m really being honest, two decades ago. But my season of change was not upon me then, it is upon me now.

I have enjoyed my season of change. I struggled and I grew and I prospered for my hard work.

And now I am looking towards a new season in my life.

The first morning was a little rough, I woke up to realize that I hadn’t taken my allergy medicine the night before and while preparing my breakfast I crumbled my egg into my coffee cup instead of onto the plate, but ya know, I had no plans that day so sneezing and being all stuffed up was ok, and my cup was empty so all it needed was a little rinse.

I am looking forward to all the good things that this new year, and season of life, will bring! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward with great anticipation all the new things that this year will bring!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #34

  1. It certainly has been a doozie of a year, hasn’t it? Personally, I think in the long run, we will see that it might very well have been a blessing in disguise. No disrespect intended to anyone who has been sick or has lost loved ones to the dreaded virus. I just find it has brought to light a lot of injustices in the world, and hopefully, changes in the right direction. I will always refer to 2020 as the year of labor pains.

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    • I am excited for the vaccine!! Some are apprehensive but I am ready for it. School starts again on the 4th (online only) for public school and the 7th for me! Everyone goes back in person on the 11th except highschool is the 25th for in person


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