2021 Buzzfeed Predictions

And so the tradition continues of letting Buzzfeed determine what will happen in my life over the next year.

Last year, Buzzfeed predicted that a lot would happen in 2020 for my life – spending more time with friends (HA!) finding love (kinda did with E but not really) I was supposed to be bisexual (got hit on by a few girls but lol no…) 2020 was supposed to be “pretty good”. I did learn a new hobby (hybrid gel nails) and had a LOT of personal growth (YAY ME!) and moved into a new house, and I did gain some more Instagram followers (check out my new account @tattooedgingernails !) I didn’t meet Taylor Swift or win the lottery. I did start talking to E on November 2nd so that’s a lucky day I guess?! August 21st was definitely not the luckiest day out of the year.

Here are my predictions based on Buzzfeed quizzes for 2021. As always, the link will take you to a new tab so you don’t have to lose your place while reading, and so you can also take the quiz and see what Buzzfeed predicts for your 2021.

May the odds be ever in my (or your) favour.


I ordered from Arby’s and apparently I will be single.

I gave my breakfast preferences and was told that I will be dating.

This quiz, simply called “Will You Be Single in 2021?” also determined that I will be dating.

Choosing Christmas things revealed that I will get married.

I designed a Rom-Com and it also showed that I will get married.

I planned a NYE outfit to find out I’ll meet my one true love in December.

Life Events:

First of all, according this to this “Pick Food for a Day” quiz, I should live in France in 2021. *starts to pack bags*

I ate at a buffet and got Paris as a travel destination.

Picking trendy food to determine what I will accomplish predicted that I will get a new job.

I picked a sandwich for every day of the week to be told that my new hobby will be baking.

I chose Taylor Swift songs (which honestly I didn’t know the titles of 99% of the choices so I just randomly picked most of them based on what I felt reflected my current life “look what you made me do” because DANG holiday eating! LOOK! *does yoga now and has a fitbit and is walking outside in the cold every day*) to determine a major life event will be moving to a new city.

I travelled around India for 5 days and was told that in 2021 I will become very very rich.

I found out that my 2021 aesthetic will be indie (ha not likely).

I planned a manicure and found out my NY resolution should be to be a plant owner.

I ordered fancy sushi and one word that will describe my year is success.

And finally, I lived like a Celebrity to find out if 2021 will be my year or not, and it was determined that YES, 2021 WILL be my best year yet.

Did you take any of these quizzes? What does your 2021 look like?

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