My hopes for 2021

I was inspired to do a thing.

I have never made a vision board before. I honestly don’t have the time or supplies to make it and would half finish it and then have it collect dust for a month or so before throwing it away.

But, Larney, from Rhoolarney, posted about her vision board for 2021, and I know Janet from Janet Smiles will probably be posting hers soon as well, and I was inspired to make my own. And also Larney said she expected to see mine HAHA so that was all the motivation I needed!

Now, I didn’t make an actual BOARD, but I did make a google slide and then take a screen grab of it to share with all of you. So here it is! My vision for 2021:

I guess I should go through and explain the pictures? That’s what most people do, right? So here we go. Let’s start with the nails and go clockwise.

Obviously, I want to continue with my nail art. It brings me lots of joy! I just opened an Instagram page (@tattooedgingernails) for my designs and invested in a tripod type thing to help me take pictures and videos of my designs.

I hope to be teaching mask free by this time next year (even though I know that one might be far fetched). I love my job and hope to continue loving it, although maybe at a better paying school? Not sure yet.

I hope to continue with my blog and rediscover the passion for writing that I once had. So expect posts every Wednesday (my ideas) and Sundays (Aaron’s Sunday Scribblings which you all should participate in as well!!) and then nail art posts whenever they happen.

I ordered a Fitbit on Christmas Day (it was on sale!) and I hope to continue to improve my health using it. I don’t follow diets because I feel they never work, but I do believe that healthy life style changes are the way to go. I want to eat better, and less, and continue on the weight loss I had over the summer lockdown. It’s going to be harder now that it’s cold and winter, but I don’t have to set such high standards as I did over the summer! Anything more more than sitting in my chair all day every day will be good! I’ve started a little yoga every day already and plan to maybe start intermittent fasting again if I can figure out the times because I felt so good on it over the summer.

I hope to find love. Maybe not a proposal by the end of the year, but I hope to be in love.

I hope to goodness I get a vaccine for COVID soon and that I can stop freaking out over getting sick at work HAHA! Now that the new “UK Strand” has been found in Ontario, which spreads faster and easier, the vaccine can not come fast enough! I want to teach and love these kids and have them learn in a fun way, but we need that vaccine first!

I hope to continue growing in my faith. I took GREAT leaps this year in finding it, and growing it, and getting rid of habitual sins that were cemented into my life and I thought I’d never be free from! 9 months free from a few of them! YAY!! Some took a little longer to cut out but so far, so good. I read my Bible in it’s entirety from April-November and now I am doing some focused reading in the New Testament. I hope to actually get to go to my new church building sometime this year. I started “attending” in July and have yet to go to the building.

I hope to have AT LEAST one of my debts paid off in full this year, and working towards the rest. If I get a good summer job, I just might be able to squash two of them out completely before the new year! Leaving me with just one! πŸ˜€ All student debts of course, but they need to go! I have started to apply to online jobs (editing, tutoring etc) to see if I can get a little side hustle going to help me achieve this.

My biggest hope for this year is my living arrangements. I hope to be happier with where I am living. Either with new (and fewer) roommates where I am, or in a place of my own. I’m not sure I get a place of my own but my hope for this year is to be happier where I live. If I get those debts paid, I can have more wiggle room in my budget for a better place.

So there ya have it! My hopes for the new year!

Thank you Larney and Janet for the inspiration to do this. I actually enjoyed it! Taking the time to think about what would go on the “board” and then typing it all out for you to read. I am excited!

I know it’ll be three posts in a row this week, but please look out tomorrow for my annual “My Life According to Buzzfeed” post!

Love you all!

Happy New Years Eve!!


T ❀

12 thoughts on “My hopes for 2021

  1. Oh wow! 🀩 I love love love it. You are so selfless, you even thought of the rest of the world. Girl, I’m sending you all the positive vibes and I wish that even those wishes that didn’t make it to the slide will happen! Is it weird if I say I love you!? πŸ™ˆ

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  2. T, I am sure you will achieve nearly all of that. When you set your mind to something that you have control over you achieve it (it’s just that there are a few you don’t have control over so I know you will go all out and I just hope the universe helps those fall into place as well). Good luck my lovely and I hope this time next year we are cheering as you tick those things off. xx

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  3. Happy New Yeeeear (and long time no chats!) Thank you for your lovely comment on my snowshoeing adventure – I figured I should come and catch up with you!

    I am hopeful for post vaccine life in 2021. I hope you find a happier living situation (as I think that will help all your other plans for the year easier.) Oooh and yay for the fitbit! Walking really does make everything feel better. πŸ˜€

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