What would you do?

So there happened to be a little surprise with my pay for December.

When I get paid, it’s in the middle of the month – the 15th of the month for the whole month. It’s a little weird but whatever, it works.

In December, I checked my bank account, and my pay was substantially more than I usually get. Like $500 more. I mentioned to a friend that morning and she said it could have been our Christmas bonus, but she didn’t get it. And I didn’t get it last year since it was my first year teaching. Another friend said her Christmas bonus last year was about $1000 before taxes and she took home about $750 after deductions. So I thought maybe that’s what it was? But neither of them got the bonus so I was again, skeptical.

I thought maybe it was for the after school supervision that I have added onto my list of duties at the school. It’s a paid position and is an hourly rate. It’s just an hour after school each day. But my September-November pays were never this much. Again skeptical.

In the end, I emailed our payroll guy. Our school gets zero dollars of funding from the province, it’s all from fundraising and tuition fees and telethons that the school runs. If I got extra by mistake, I would feel horrible. And whenever we close down for two weeks (that’s happened twice now) none of the nursery students pay tuition because their program can’t be switched to an online platform. They are 18 months. Like you just can’t. But those staff members still get paid. And we have had more expenses as a school to prepare and keep ourselves up to code with COVID regulations.

So – if it was a mistake, I would feel HORRIBLE. It’s not honest. And I wouldn’t want the shock of them adjusting my pay next month if it was a mistake and I didn’t prepare for it.

Anyway, so I emailed and a few days later the guy replied and said that yes, it was for the after school. The hours for October AND November. So that’s good to know it’s applied every two months. Honestly, I haven’t been too concerned with it lol It was definitely a shock but a nice one at this time of year when it’s the holidays and I also had to renew my teacher’s license HAHA

So what would you do? Would you inquire about it? Would you not say anything? Lemme know in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. I would let them know. If it’s a mistake, they’ll eventually find out and deduct it from your pay when you least expect it. If it’s not a mistake, then you won’t have to worry about them finding out.

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  2. I would definitely ask in this situation, I feel like I would feel guilty not saying anything just in case it was a mistake. And then you ended up pleasantly surprised with some extra money you don’t feel bad about having!

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  3. I’d check. I’m the sort of person who goes back to a business and says, you forgot to charge me for xyz (have done this). I figure karma will work its way around.

    But yay on the surprise extra. Always good when you have bills coming in.

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    • It depends on which business it is if I go back 🤭 like a car rental place where the people were JERKS and they charged me for one day not two? Yeah not caring. But if its my work and I love them then for sure I’m saying something haha

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  4. I once got a DOUBLE pay, I was so shocked! I said “thank you Lord” and planned on boxing it. I was away from the office/lab for a week so I thought something went down. I couldn’t touch the money because the pain of paying it back would be too much. Eventually, a week later I spoke up and turns out it was a mistake, I paid it back in 3 instalments!

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