A Crazy Update

I have noticed that it’s been a while since my last update on my old crazy roommate! I still talk with the people upstairs so here is what’s been going on there.

When I moved out the first week of September, the landlord and the upstairs tenants were working together to formulate a way to get Crazy out. They had two options: an N5 eviction OR an N12 landlord is taking back the property for personal use.

Now, evictions in Ontario are really hard to get. The law is on the side of the renter. Judges like to side with the tenants and we have lots and lots of rights. And Crazy likes to say these rights over and over to make people think that he knows the law inside and out. “They could do that but I’d sue them for ….” “Under the tenant act ….” Ya know.

So they decided on the N12. Taking back the space for personal use. This claim is compounded by the fact that they didn’t rent out my room when I left. It’s still empty! The only thing is that if you do the N12, you have to keep the space empty for at least a year. The landlord knows this.

Before the end of September, Crazy was served with the N12. His last day to be in the house was November 30th. Then on November 30th, I have a very interesting conversation with the upstairs tenant!

She is in the house and she gets a text from her husband being like “hey when I left for groceries there were two cops rolling up are you OK?” and so she texts him back and says she’s fine. She is home with their two children and one month old baby.

Then she hears crazy talking to the police officers and all she hears is “I didn’t get a notice and I just want to make sure they can’t go into my apartment or touch my possessions”

She text the landlord it was just like “hey did you call the cops on crazy to make sure he left?” and he said no!!

SO crazy the cops HIMSELF and he saying he didn’t get a notice BUT it was hand-delivered to him.

IF the landlord didn’t call then Crazy is calling himself saying that he didn’t get a notice – BUT How would he know to call if you didn’t have a notice in the first place?!

What we’re thinking is that maybe the landlord kind of like checked in with him it was just like “hey where are you leaving the keys” so now Crazy calls the police just to make sure they can’t touch his stuff but it is a little ridiculous because the notice was hand delivered.

What we want to know is what on EARTH did he say to dispatch to get TWO cruisers to arrive at the house in the middle of a pandemic. If you’re not in Toronto then you don’t know that our second lockdown started on November 23rd. So what did he tell dispatch to get the cruisers to come for such a trivial thing? And why didn’t he just call the station a few blocks from the house?

In the spring he again had a cruiser come to the house because the upstairs tenant spoke to him. YES just because she spoke to him! She probably swore at him, but he had “an official written document” aka he handwrote it himself, that hold them only to contact him through writing so when she spoke to him and asked him not to smoke by her daughter’s window he called the police and had a cruiser come over then too! IN APRIL! The start of the worst pandemic in the last two or three generations?! HOW!? And how he didn’t get a ticket for misuse of police resources I have no idea.

Anyway, so he is still there, and the landlord has filed a court case for 3-6 weeks after December 1st, but like the upstairs tenant doesn’t think he’s packing. And we are in a FULL lockdown as of the the morning of the 26th – even travel is restricted. So we’ll see what happens. But man. It’s a little bit of a lot messed up lol.

9 thoughts on “A Crazy Update

    • Sometimes I wish I was still there to be honest. I miss my friends and only being with one other person. But I do not miss the mold and the backhanded threats LOL and I do kind of feel like I’m the “Crazy” of this place. Ugh….

      But I will for sure keep you posted!!! From a few days ago: upstairs dad gets up at 4am and Crazy was BLASTING music. So dad shouts “JUST CALL THE POLICE HE’S LEGALLY NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE” and magically it was turned down 🤷‍♀️

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