Tithing it up

So I did an oopsie.

I get paid on the 15th of every month. Sometimes, if the 15th is on the weekend, we get it a few days early. WOOHOO. Not that it makes that big of a difference. But whatever.

So in November, I got paid on a Friday. Since I work after school, I decided that while I was listening to the students scream supervising the students, I would pay my bills right then and there.

See I have a system. It’s a good system because I only get paid once a month and I need to be an adult and make sure that by the 30th (or 31st) I have money for rent the next day.

This is what I do:

First I transfer rent. I used to pay $850 so I moved $900. I like to round up and that way I am saving at least a LITTLE bit of money each month. Now I only have to pay $835 since I complained to my landlord about the living situation here, but I still move the $900. Saving a little bit more.

Then I tithe. 10% to God because he deservers it for all the blessings he gives in my life – aka having a job during a pandemic to actually have the money to pay my bills for one! Again I round up and send $320 to my church. Well, my old church.

Then I pay my other bills (phone, OSAP, student line of credit, cancelled credit card) three of which are all debts from post-secondary education.

On this one day in November, I am paying my bills, and I do the transfer for rent, and get to the tithing. I click it, but then it resets back a screen so I click again. Well the church has direct deposit and I immediately get TWO emails saying my money was sent. TWO?!

So I PANIC. I’m like ummmmm I love tithing and do it willingly and make sure I do it once a month to be honest with God and give the right amount, but TWICE?! My cash flow is already limited….

I check my account and sure enough, I had sent it twice.

Oh the saddness! Then I was like, ok, it’s ok T! You can do this!

So I go to my savings account and transfer $320 into my regular account. Then I tell myself that with December’s pay, I will put it back into savings and not tithe for December since I just tithed twice.

But THEN I said to myself, wait a second. If I can make it to the end of this pay cycle, and have enough to put the full $320 BACK into my savings account, why not do it and then continue to give God what is God’s in December?

And I set out to do so.

All month I went about my normal business, even allowing myself to indulge in a few things and order out a few times too. I didn’t really check my bank account. I wasn’t going crazy but I also wasn’t being super careful either. Yet the plan remained the same: make it to the end of the pay cycle with enough to replenish my savings and tithe as normal.

So I get to December 14th, the day before my next pay. I had just went shopping over the weekend and had a few extra things that I bought that I normally wouldn’t. But I checked and I looked at the balance.

Guess what it was!!



Can you imagine!?

So I transferred the $320 back into my savings, and on the 15th when I got paid, I once again gladly and with a happy happy heart, sent another tithing to the church. I was also VERY surprised by the amount of that payment! Come back next Wednesday to read why.

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