Nail Art – Christmas and Changes

Going into the new year, there will be some new nail things coming along.

It’s a week before Christmas and I needed to change up my nails and have some cute nails for the holidays. I have some BIG BIG PLANS to sit in my bedroom in workout clothes and pj’s for at least the next two weeks and my nails needed to be on POINT.

A while back, if you remember, I bought a LOT of stamping plates from Born Pretty and was very disappointed when they arrived and 7 out of the 16 didn’t even pick up anything when I used the stamper that I have. And then I tried the ones that did work about a week later and they didn’t work!

The company refunded the cost of those plates and I used it to get a stamping polish set from them. My idea was that, if I’m using a plate from them, and specific stamping polish from them, and a stamper from them, that it would work.

It arrived in just over 3 weeks and I was THRILLED! The set it very pretty.

So then of course, I decided to test it out the day before I was doing my nails. Just incase it didn’t work and I had to change my design plans. It came out GREAT!

So I set out yesterday to do my nails. I prepped them and got them all ready, and since the bear transferred so well the day before, I did it again! He’s cute! I filled in the bear with colour and then stamped it on my nails. And once I did, he was not so cute. In fact, I showed my brother and he said my bear had taken a stroke. Poor bear bear.

So I took it off my nails and chose a different design! A snowman peaking out at a gift. Again, cute! Once you get the outline off the stamping plate, I like to fill it in with colour to make it extra cute.

It doesn’t look like much but that’s because this is the side that gets put onto the nail!

Obviously, the design was too big for my tiny, natural length, nails, so I had to break it up over two different nails. It took a little bit of a light hand, making sure the present didn’t transfer until I wanted it to, but it went on really nicely!

Then, I just couldn’t have normal nails for the rest. We all know that I’m too extra for that! So snowflakes!!

Then snowflakes on the other and the accent nail was a simple design of trees.

Now, if you look really closely at the trees, you’ll notice that one finger has no design on it. That’s because I got all my stamping things cleaned up and put away and then looked down noticed that the nail was blank. And ya know what, since my big big plans are just to hang out in my bedroom, I’m not caring HA!

And now for the changes!!

I have set up an Instagram page for my nails! Please feel free to follow it and give it some love! It’s tattooedgingernails and I would love any support you’d like to give!

Also, I have deleted all the videos from my YouTube channel. I have ordered a super cool overheard tripod type thing from Amazon which was supposed to arrive after Christmas BUT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY OH MY GOSH WHEN YOU’RE READING THIS I MIGHT HAVE IT! So I can film from above my hands! I want to start making videos again. I miss it! But they might just be on my Instagram page. I’m not sure yet. We will see! I tried to change the name of my YouTube channel but that also changed the name on my email as well so that isn’t going to work. It’ll get figured out. In good time! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Nail Art – Christmas and Changes

    • Thanks lovely! I wish they worked better but I did just see a video on how to clean the stamping plates so maybe that will make a difference? I missed a step they showed. This weekend I want to do an ugly sweater design so won’t be using stamps haha! And I saw the follow!! Thanks πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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