Sunday Scribblings #32

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is dance.

Okies, so this week I’m going to post a rant. And it doesn’t really fit but, for the sake of argument, dancing happens at a party and SPEAKING OF PARTIES

My stupid roommates had ANOTHER party Friday night. This is the FOURTH time since Toronto’s second lockdown started on November 23rd.

The lockdown started on a Monday and the following weekend? Party.

Last weekend it was someone’s birthday and they had one guest over Friday night. And then more people on Saturday.

I spoke to them on Saturday afternoon. I said we are in a lockdown which means you can’t have people over at the house. And the two girls that I was talking to said “oh it was just N’s birthday and it was just one person” and I said “okies but it’s a lockdown. We can’t have ANYONE and if someone calls the bylaw then we are all getting fines. So be careful and just don’t have people over.”

That night, another gathering.

Last night – LOUD PARTY!

So I had a few friends who offered to call bylaw for me if it happened again. I text them both at like 8 and no reply. So at like 10 I got the guts to do it myself. I called a few times and hung up. But then I did it! Whispered tones into the phone. The first call either we got disconnected or the lady hung up on me because I couldn’t say how many people are attending.

The room where all the parties are being held has two entrances. One at the bottom of the stairs to go to the level were my room is, and one right by the front door. So people can just come in and go straight into this “party room” without anyone seeing them.

Anyway, I get the nerve to call back and get another person and this time I say that I want to report a gathering in my residence. The lady was semi-pleasant and she took my information and said that they don’t release my contact information. She gave me a reference number and said I could use it to check on the progress of the case.

So I try to go to sleep, ear plugs in trying to buffer out the noise of their multiple guests tromping up and down out stairs and slamming the bathroom door open and closed. At one point, I could have sworn that someone was actually knocking on my door but how rude would that have been?!

Wake up and call bylaw again. I got the phone number and email of the officer assigned to the case so I sent him an email. I didn’t want to have a phone call conversation in a quiet house. But he emailed back almost immediately and said to call him. So I did and in the most vague way possible we had a very pleasant conversation.

And when I say pleasant, I mean it was really nice. He asked how to say my name, complimented it, commented on the quote that I have as my email signature and how nice it is. He was making jokes about my choice in roommates and how I didn’t even know their names. He was very cute.

Anyway, back to the story.

So he is sending a written notice to the house. If the party was still going on this morning, he could have sent a bylaw officer then but the house was sleeping and I was trying to remain anonymous in my complaint.

Then I hear someone leave the room beside me and then the house (the front door is loud). So I went to take some garbage out and some STRANGE MAN was walking back into the house!!! I asked who he was and he said he was a friend of the people and I’m like “but WHY are you in the house? we are in a lockdown?!” He said he’s just visiting and I’m like “no! You have to leave. We are in a lockdown and no one is allowed in! Goodbye!!” So he goes back to the door.

I take my garbage out and he’s still in the doorway. I think he’s just waiting for his uber or something. So I finish up in the kitchen and head back to my room to email my landlord. We have a no party policy and a no overnight guest policy which is written into our lease. I was ANNOYED.

When I get back to my room, I am in there not even 2 minutes and guess who I hear SNEAKING BACK UP THE STAIRS AND INTO THE BEDROOM BESIDE MINE?!

Yeah – strange man!

So I add this to the email that I am sending to the landlord. How I asked the guy to leave and he snuck back upstairs. The landlord says she will speak to the people since none of this is allowed.

I am beyond annoyed.

Not only are they breaking house rules but also bylaws around the pandemic! AND ONE IS A NURSING STUDENT!

The next time I see the main girl, N, I will tell her that I’m calling bylaw if this happens again. This time it’s anonymous but not next. I don’t care.

This will definitely make living here awkward. But I am over it. I already can’t go home to my parents because of their actions and now they are having another party during lock down?! No. NO!!!

I’m hoping they are moving. I over heard half a conversation last night because N is the loudest person ever. So she’s talking to her dad in India and it’s half in English and half in Hindi (or maybe Punjabi? I’m not sure) and it was something about a condo and $2,700? I’m just praying that it’s a new place to live. When I moved in N and her boyfriend were supposed to be moving out anyway. If they do, I’ll ask to move into the party room. It’s nice and big and has the balcony attached. And that way, I can guarantee that there will be no more parties! Because the other rooms are just regular bedroom size rooms.

I checked in with my landlord later in the day and she had spoken to both rooms. First the party room girl, N, said it was her birthday and she was having people over. Ummmm excuse me? Wasn’t your birthday LAST weekend? And she knows its wrong and it won’t happen again. And then the quiet girl was spoken to and said she won’t have guests over again. I even told the landlord that it sounds like that guy is still in the upstairs bedroom and she goes “I’ll call again now” WOW like I had no proof, just sounded like male voices coming through the walls. It could have been the guy downstairs but sounded different. So she called again…and now I feel horrible. The landlord said she is also very upset and she doesn’t like when people are breaking the rules. And she said thank you for letting her know. But still….

I honestly am starting to feel like Crazy from my last place. And I HATE that! Like just follow the freaking lockdown rules! Yes it sucks, but the better you follow them, the faster this ALL GOES AWAY. And I understand you want to have birthday celebrations and see your friends and sleep next to a cute guy – we alllllll want those things. But GAH. Grow up and stop being so selfish and irresponsible!!

I’m just praying that this is the last of their parties until lockdown is lifted. That was supposed to be tomorrow but it’s been pushed to January 4th. Thankfully that means no Christmas or New Years parties lol YAY

So that’s my rant. Hope you enjoyed it. It’s Saturday afternoon and everyone is still sleeping and I have been so angry and annoyed all day and I am exhausted.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #32

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    • 😂😂😂 YAAASSS i will be doing a happy dance if they move!! But its very awkward around here

      And. Ooooo nnnnoooooo! Do you have the space for him to self isolate in the house? His own bedroom/bathroom? Staying away from people? Or is it just a “everyone wear masks and sanitize as much as possible” type of deal

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  2. It’s people like that who are the reason it spreads. But they aren’t just risking their own health, but yours as well. Rude, ignorant and self-centred. I hope the landlord kicks them out and you get the balcony room!! Good on you for making that tough phone call though. you are DEFINITELY not like Crazy (and as an aside, how are the upstairs family going? I assume you’ve stayed in touch).

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    • The landlord sent a notice on Monday!! A man came in all masked up and slid a copy under every bedroom door and then taped a copy to the fridge in the kitchen! It just said in big bold letters no guests/visitors/friends in the rooms or house, no parties in the rooms/house/outside and that the tenants are responsible for any and all tickets or fines not her. I’m so glad she did it! She gave them warnings and I’m glad she is being proactive! I have a feeling there might be an extra person here but we never cross paths and it could just be a phone or tv playing? Idk… but I’m keeping an eye out! I have courage now!!! LOL I even text the loud guy downstairs at 12:30 asking for his tv to be turned down! 😱

      I haven’t seen the notice from bylaw yet, though.

      And I have a post about the old place going up soon!!! It was gonna be posted Friday but that’s Christmas lol so its on Monday I think!

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