Christmas Covid Style

Things are a little bit different this year.

In the middle of November, I was proactive and put together little gift bags for my students.

I wrote a card for each one – legit they all say the same thing just in different cards and with different stickers all over them. And it was placed into a ziplock baggie. Then each baggie was given a slap bracelet and a scratch off bookmark. You know, it’s all black and you take a toothpick or something and scratch designs into it?

The kids LOVE the scratch off things.

Then they went to school on the 23rd to sit in my class until this week so I could have them in isolation so to speak so there would be no concerns over passing on germs and stuff. No one would touch them for 4 weeks!

Then on the 27th, we are sent an email that says we aren’t allowed to give anything to the students that isn’t going to stay in the classroom. And that parents are told not to exchange gifts with students and that physical gifts to teachers are discouraged.

So let’s break that down:

  1. I won’t get mountains of chocolates this year. YAY or multiple coffee cups.
  2. I can’t give my gifts to the students

I was actually looking forward to the gifts at Christmas time this year! LOL Like even if it’s just a handmade card from my students, I think it’s super special and makes my holiday. Especially after our government has asked we don’t have gatherings with people outside our immediate households.

So okies, that’s fine. At the end of the school year last year, a few parents sent electronic gift cards so maybe this year? LOL

My main concern is the students.

It just sucked that I had to take the gifts out of the baggies. My VP said I could give the gifts and just keep them at school, but I don’t want them playing with the things while I’m teaching LOL Like 15 slap bracelets going while I’m trying to talk about pullies? No thank you.

I was going to give the cards to all the students on the last day of classes before the holidays, but then we were shut down due to a positive case. Most school don’t shut their entire building down for just one case, but we are such an interwoven community, and the teachers rotate between classes, that we have to. It’s not safe otherwise.

Our board has decided to keep us home this week, and tomorrow will be my last day of teaching until January (wooooo Friday off!!) but on Monday we had a pickup of supplies. A lot of students left shoes and snowpants and things at school the previous Monday and then Tuesday morning we wake up and everyone is in isolation until we were cleared by Toronto Public Health. So parents wanted/needed to pick up some items. I ended my teaching day early to help with the pickup (just switched two periods so I didn’t have to be live). That way I could go in and anyone who came to pick things up, I could also give their Christmas card with all the other stuff. Parents aren’t allowed in the building, only children so that’s good.

I have already received one electronic gift card from a student which was so sweet! She is an online student too! It’s for a bookstore, and I can’t wait to spend it! LOL

Even though the school has been closed for two weeks before the holidays, I will still not be going home to my parent’s house. I am still going out shopping and taking public transit when I need to, and one group of my roommates (two bedrooms are friends, then me and the other guy are out of the loop) are still inviting people over!! Over the weekend it was one girl’s birthday and two nights in a row they had guests. At least I think, they are coming after I go to bed (10-11pm) so how am I to know who/how many extra people are in the house? I spoke to the nice girls on Saturday and told them that they need to be more careful and that until lockdown is over no one is allowed in the house (oh but it was just one person, yeah it doesn’t matter) but then Saturday night the chairs from the kitchen were once more pulled into their room for extra seating…

So it will be a quiet Christmas alone. I’m not too upset over it, I’ve done it before while living overseas and have already started to buy food in preparation of my own holiday meal. The only thing that really sucks is that E and I have ended our relationship. I was looking forward to maybe seeing him over the holiday since I’d be in town, but after all the lawyer and immigration dust settled, it was clear I couldn’t stay with my heart connected to his and while my roommates were having birthday parties, I was breaking things off with him. Sucks but it had to be done.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Covid Style

  1. Bummer. We are in lockdown again starting tomorrow night. Hubby is getting tested tomorrow and I am getting tested on Saturday so maybe our eldest can come over for Xmas, otherwise she will be alone. The other two kids live here with us so we may all be quarantining together. Cross fingers for negative results!

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  2. You can zoom around into Xmas lunches can’t you? That’s what we’ve been doing for birthdays etc.

    Sorry you couldn’t give all your thoughtful gifts to your students

    SO RELIEVED you have broken it off with the immigration nightmare to be honest. Be careful T, you’re too nice! ❤️

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    • Yes! Video calls for sure!! My work friends and I will be meeting a few times and I’m sure my family will set something up as well! My room feels more “Christmasy” since during the school pickup times I packed up my mini tree and then set it up at home for the last two days of online lessons.

      Im sorry too – I should have asked before I bought them but I thought having them ready so early would be good enough 😂 woke up to an amazon gift card though! Woohoo!!

      And I know you are relieved and I am so thankful for your love and concern! I still didn’t think he was a scammer but it was waaayyyy too much for me to accept in a relationship. And I would have always been questioning his motives until he had his permanent residency. He never replied to my goodbye message so that’s changed my opinion of him a bit for the worse LOL

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