Nail Art Polar Bear

Since my design didn’t work last week and I had just a boring shade of red, I had to change that up!

I was really disappointed last week cos I wanted my stamping plates to work. When they didn’t I just accepted defeat and chose my favourite red in regular polish.

This week I had to change them. I chose this picture as my inspiration:

Simple and cute!

I didn’t have the tan colour and I tried to mix my own, but it didn’t work. It was ok since I didn’t have to fill in the back of the nails. I just decided to go with the ivory colour I have for the tan in hopes that the matte top coat would darken it up.

Well it didn’t. But I had never used the ivory before and its actually really nice! The perfect nude shade! And it blends really well into the fake nail shade I had right now.

Here are the final nails:

The polar bear turned out SOO cute!

I’ll be changing them again next weekend when I have to fill them. I hope that my new stamping polish comes by then and I’ll be able to do a fun stamped design!! Doesn’t really matter too much cos I can do my nails every weekend since we are in lockdown and theres nothing else to do 😂

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