Sunday Scribblings #31

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is fire.

A lot of my childhood memories are around fires. I sued to go to summer camp and camping with my family a lot. Our church owned a lake side property (still does, but I’m no longer a member) and there would be at least 2-4 weeks every summer that my family would be there. Plus our own little camping adventures. I miss it now, but I’m no longer the “roughing it” type LOL maybe if I have my own children some day I will get back into it. But I’m already almost 34 and the idea of sleeping in a tent or on an air mattress is definitely not appealing. I’d go for a cabin. Yeah – cabin sleeping is the way to go!

We also had a wood-burning fireplace. For a little while, that is. When I was in kindergarten, my dad’s job transferred him and we bought this old farmhouse in the country and it had a working potbelly stove. It was amazing. We would have fires all winter long, Santa would leave soot footprints from the fireplace to the tree (my mother was not impressed since he had to walk from the family room through her dinning room and into the far corner of the living room) and when there was that massive storm in 1999, and the power was out for a few days, we had a room full of heat, a place to cook food, and a place to melt clean snow into water.

This one time I was a leader at a summer camp and our theme was survivor. One activity the kids had to do was to go through an obstacle course in the volleyball court, collect items to make a fire, and then start it. They had to find cotton balls covered in vaseline, some twigs, and flint/rock. It was a really cool lesson! Some teams had the vaseline on the cotton balls but others didn’t, and they compared how quickly each one started the fire. It was a great thing for kids to see.

I love just hanging out around a fire – it’s usually with great friends, and good conversation, and excellent roasted marshmallows. I can’t wait to be able to do it again once this whole pandemic thingy is done and over with LOL

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #31

  1. We use to go camping when I was a kid too. We didn’t have air mattress but we would sleep on our blow up floats. I could go camping now but I just cant handle the heat! Lol

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    • We used to have a trailer, one of those cube trailers? Where its like a square but when you set it up, you pull out the sides and get the beds? Lol it was awesome! The last few years I had one side all to myself cos my brother would set up a tent outside beside the trailer haha! No sharing for me!

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  2. I’ve only been camping a couple of times, but I really wish we went more. The Christmas before getting pregnant with Hazel, Jeremiah got me two sleeping bags and a tent and we were going to start going, but now I don’t think it’s very practical with little babies, but maybe in five or so years we can start going as a family! We do have a wood burning fireplace and that is always really nice and fun during winter. I hope to roast marshmallows with it this year.

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  3. I’ve never been a fan of camping. Who wants to sleep on the ground and get eaten by bugs? Plus, no shower? No thanks. We had a fireplace in the house where I grew up and in one of the houses we rented for several years but none now. I really miss it. Sitting in front of a crackling fire, wrapped in a blanket with a good book…heaven.

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  6. I *love* camping in the bush. We hardly get to do it these days, which is disappointing. We were supposed to get out this year, but the bushfires from last summer put paid to that. Some of the national parks are open, but quite a few are still closed as a result.

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