A little heart warming story

Something really touching happened at school.

So it was a few weeks ago by the time this is posted, but I’m writing it the day that it happened.

I took my prep period in my class. Our new staffroom is on the other side of the building (the old one is the isolation room currently) and I don’t want to drag all my stuff there. The French teacher was kind enough to let me stay.

Honestly, I never go to the staff room anymore if I just have things to do on my laptop. The French class is two of my preps, and then another is in the other grade two classroom and my co-teacher is with them during that time and she lets me sit in her desk while she teaches them religion in their language. And then the other prep, I will have to leave the room but again just sit in her classroom. The teacher who is in my class is the strict one in the school and I’m not sure if she would allow me to stay. I should probably ask her…she loves me and if I’m there in the class, I’m close by to fix any technology problems she always drags me out of class for….

Anyway! Back to my story.

So there I was, hanging out, doing my work, and the French teacher is having the students write up a report on their family. Which is great. So they are talking about how many brothers and sisters they have. One girl raises her hand and asks if she can put one brother and one sister, or does she HAVE to put two sisters?

Ya see, she has an older sister, two years older, who for the last at least 3 years has identified as a boy not a girl. When I started working there last year, for the longest time, I thought they were a boy! Like out on the playground they would come up to me and ask to go to the bathroom and I would clip the boy’s pass on their jacket.

When I found out that it was in fact a girl, I felt SOO BAD! Like WOW! But the teacher who told me was like “ya know she probably loved that you thought she was a boy and that’s why you were never corrected.”

So the French teacher asked the girl in my class if that’s what her sibling would want, and the girl said yes. And if mom would be ok with that? And the girl said yes.

And I honestly just think that’s amazing!

Especially for this community which is VERY conservative and VERY religious and VERY anti-anything outside of those community values. For the parents and family to be so open and warm and accepting of their child? It really is truly lovely to see. And for the sister to be so ok and open with the concept. Just wow.

I can only hope that if I am ever in the same position as a parent that I would be as accepting.

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