Back in prison

Well its happened again!

I woke up this morning to massive texts from my work friends and one of them urging me to check my email.

At 2am we were sent a notification that we were closed for a covid positive case. This time a staff member in each building. I have been told it doesn’t affect me but until we get the final notice from Toronto Public Health we are all to self-isolate. Once again the whole school, from nursery to grade 12, is closed until we get word from health officials.

So classes were online again. My eyes are killing me but it was an overall good day. My friends and I have an idea who it is and if we are right then for sure I am safe. No full 14-day isolation needed for me! But we have to wait and see. And that waiting time is an isolation time. Just to be safe.

So if you need me, I’ll be at home with Hubert haha

12 thoughts on “Back in prison

    • Yeah! And some didnt get the email this morning and actually drove to school only to have to go back home again! Like I went in to pick up books and then go home again.

      The adults we think are positive are VERY responsible. We think that the husband got it from an as-symptomatic child during school hours and then passed it on to his wife who is admin in the other building. All speculation of course!! We don’t know who it is haha

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    • Yes! Our school community is excellent for swift and safe actions. We are all in isolation until we hear from public health over the extent of the positive cases (most likely a family of 4) and then we can loosen up and only those affected classes will isolate. So probs by the weekend. Its all good ☺️

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  1. We closed yesterday but us teachers had to go in half a day today and tomorrow. We have so many teachers out and not enough subs 🙄


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