Sunday Scribblings #30

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is misery.

Misery is getting all excited for a nail art design using a stamper that you had tested before, and now the stamper doesn’t pick up the designs from the plate and you have already complained to the company over plates from the same order and they refunded your money for those plates so now it seems bad to complain about MORE from the same order. Sooooo your nails are this childish sparkly blue lame colour that would have been ok if the stamp design had worked but instead just look ugly (to you at least) and your room smells like nail polish and remover and you have a headache and nothing nice to show for it….

6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #30

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    • I used the refund to get special stamping polish and a new stamper from the company that designed the plates so once it arrives, I hope that it will work. I see a lot of nail videos using the company’s products so it just sucks that they aren’t working for me. And even more so that they worked a few weeks ago! Not amazingly well, but at least it worked!


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