Sunday Scribblings #29

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is walking.

It may sound a little weird, but I pride myself on doing as little walking as possible on Sunday. My phone will probably record about 20 steps today. That is IF I have it on my person when I am in the house. Which I usually don’t. Why do I need to carry my phone to the bathroom? To record my steps? Pfffttt please.

Most of my weekend walking is done on Saturdays. It’s been like that since I moved to Toronto. When I was a nanny, I worked on Saturdays, and now that I’m a teacher, I do most of my running around on Saturdays in order to have a nice rest on Sunday.

And it’s almost always done before noon.

I have always been a morning person. When I was going into kindergarten, my parents had a choice: mornings or afternoons. I would go to school every day but only for half a day. We lived a short, maybe 5 minute walk, from the school. When my brother started a year before me, he went in the afternoons. He was, and still is, an afternoon person.

But not me! I went in the mornings. I used to blog in the mornings when I was posting every day. I would have work in the afternoon, and my mornings free. I didn’t sleep in, I was always up early to get my day started.

And it’s still the same.

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 7:30. I usually don’t have an alarm Saturdays but with our city being in our second lockdown for just a week, I wasn’t sure how the lines for the grocery store would be.

So I was up and at the grocery store (a 2 min walk MAX) from my house by 8:28. I text my bff when I arrived lol only 5 single people in front of me! I did my weekly shop and was home by 8:50. Up two flights of stairs to get my laundry, down three to get it started. Back up and started in on cooking. I got some rice started, and then some eggs for breakfasts for the week. I only cook breakfast on Sundays. Usually pancakes or french toast. The rest of the week it’s an egg on toast with coffee.

Then, unloading groceries, but up a flight of stairs to drop my shopping cart and get more cooking supplies. Down the flight of stairs to the kitchen were I stayed from 9-11 basically. Weekly breakfast done, rice is cooked and divided into 4 containers which got frozen veggies and then cooked stuffed chicken (ham and swiss inside YUM). Two go into the freezer, two in the fridge. I have 4 things of chilli left in the freezer so two go into the fridge to thaw and there’s dinner for the week!

Once the eggs were done, I rinsed the pot and threw in some potatoes and an onion. Making soup for weekend lunches. Switched a load of laundry and back into the kitchen. Two frozen pizza’s into the oven – school lunches. Washed up grapes and separated them out into serving sized baggies for school lunches as well. Back in my room, gather up the garbage and add it to the bag in the kitchen I’ve been filling since 9am. Switch the laundry again, sit to type out this blog.

Then it’ll be around 11:30 and a decent time to blend my potato soup without the fear of being too loud too early. The people downstairs apparently think someone up here sounds like an elephant on the stairs (shouted last Friday) and I hope it’s not me because I try to be as light and quiet as possible on the stairs. The others kind of flop down. As a side note, I’m 90% sure the extra guy is gone now. And the new girls are actually really nice. The one cleans up so the kitchen isn’t as messy as before.

So by noon I will have made all breakfasts and dinners in advance. Packaged up pizza and grapes for school lunches, will pair it with some veggies to chop the night before I take them. And all I have to do for the rest of the week is to heat what I need every day.

And then after lunch, I get to relax and the walking for my weekend is done. It’s actually a pretty great system. And when the others cook daily, it’s a great way to co-exist with 5 other people. Literally no one is awake anywhere in the whole house I think. Even going down to do my laundry there aren’t any lights on and the people below me are still silent. The perfect Saturday morning!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #29

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  3. I’m a morning person (which is why I HATE daylight savings – it steals an hour of my morning because the rest of the family get up with the clock so I lose an hour of get-stuff-done-time). I’d love to be able to do the week’s cooking in one morning, but not possible. We have 2 fridge/freezers, plus a chest freezer and all of them are full to overflowing at the start of the week, and by the end of the week the two fridge/freezers are nearly empty. Growing Barbarians!

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  4. I really wish I had it in me to prep meals ahead of time. I always wait until I’m hungry which means I have to wait for something to cook or fix something quick that I know I don’t really want or, and this is the worst case scenario, I decide to spend money I don’t have for someone at Doordash to bring me food I don’t really need, all for the sake of convenience.

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