A whole bunch of new stuff

Okies so my last real post was a few weeks ago when I was sick, and a lot has happened since then so here I am, on a PD Day, and I thought I’d fill y’all in.

Let’s start with the living situation:

My last post, on my sick day, was a rant about where I live. Honestly, I should have stayed at my old place with the crazy guy and the mold in my room. This place is insane. There are about 500 people living here, and it’s been very stressful.

I went to see my friend’s apartment two days after I posted about how horrible it was here and it was ok. Like it was a decent apartment and less money and stuff but it just didn’t sit right with me, so I passed on it.

Instead I came home and emailed my landlord. She didn’t know a few things that were going on and she said she would talk to the main people. I wrote that I felt deceived by what was happening because when I moved in this was not the situation I had agreed to. And while yes, some of it was not her fault it was from the super hot black guy who lived beside me and he straight up lied to me, but also, like a lot of it was her doing – like renting to more and more people and not being honest about how many people lived in the whole structure. So she apologized and for the remainder of my time here my rent is $15 less a month.

Thankfully with the increase in residents here, the morning routine that I had for myself hasn’t changed. It’s still just me and one guy who are up super early and we work around each other pretty well. It’s the after work routine that had to change. I used to shower around 7 or 7:30 but now like everyone else wants to go at that time and I got tired of waiting for an hour and a half to get access to the shower, so NOW I come home, heat up dinner extra hot, jump in the shower, then eat and relax. Honestly it’s probably better that way because I will shower before sitting on anything and the day is washed off of me. It’s good.

While in isolation in October, I ordered $80 worth of nail stamping plates and they finally arrived a week ago!!

It was such a highlight! But then I pealed off all the blue wraps and a whole bunch (most of the ones in baggies) didn’t transfer at ALL with my current stamper. So after emailing with the company this week, they are giving me a coupon for the value of the plates! YAY!! 7 out of the 16 plates don’t transfer. I’m hoping that with a new stamp (which I will buy with my coupon) I will be able to pick up some of the imagines because they are SUPER cute! Check out all the plates here.

The stickers and the glitter powder were free gifts with my purchase but the rest I picked out! I love all the plates and I hope I can get the ones to work that currently aren’t.

Work has been CRAZY. The parents this year are all tight knit and attacky people. They fight everything I do to make things easier and they just want the year to be so easy and for them to not have any responsibilities at all. I am working with the VP to make some changes to my classroom but right now I am FED UP with them. One child needs one on one attention 100% of the day or he does nothing. And one of his adults is a teacher! Emailing after tests to retake them, asking for more support in the class. But I spend my whole day yelling at him and he goes home and tells his mom I am mean. Which frankly I am. If I have to tell you to get ready to go home 4 times after two other teachers have come and told you to get ready and one other student has told you and you are STILL arguing with me that it’s not your adult there to pick you up, I’m going to be mean. And this is after a whole day of fighting with him. I can’t. Report cards were completed and sent home this week, and interviews will be next. So at least term one is over and we are moving on. Some students STILL don’t come to school prepared for classes with the right books and it’s almost December. UGH

Toronto is heading towards another lock down because our COVID numbers are sooooo high and Christmas plans might be cancelled. So that’s another awesome thing…

As if all of this wasn’t enough, my love life has had a little change over the last two weeks which I will tell you about in another post because that’s a long post 😉

Hope that updates everyone!

8 thoughts on “A whole bunch of new stuff

    • I miss it too!! I think when I blog, its a way to get all my frustrations out and it helps keeps my mood in a better place lol but my motivation to blog has just disappeared. I definitely have the time to do it, but idk what happened, the desire to blog just left. Its sad but I try to keep it up! Even if its just once a week for Aaron’s Sunday Scribblings haha

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    • Lol I am feeling better, that extra guy is STILL here but all I do is complain to my landlord. She said she would talk to the people he’s staying with but he’s been here for a month. My lease says no over night guests. The house rules posted in the kitchen say the same. So I can’t have my best friend sleep over one night but they can have someone stay a whole month?! Um no …. uuuggghhh

      The second post is half done. I stopped to go get dinner 😂 had to walk to go get it cos I cant uber eats it lol

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  1. I think when there’s lots of things going on (and both your personal and professional lives are taking hits at the moment), little things (like blogging) become overwhelming. When life settles you might find you have more motivation.

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    • Yeah for sure. I cancelled all my plans this weekend (you can read about it in my next post) and am just chilling. We JUST got the news we are in lockdown again as of Monday. Not as severe as March but its still happening. I am so happy I had the day off and was able to get my non essential shopping done and my weekly grocery shop done too! Cos this weekend the stores will be insane.


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