Sunday Scribblings #27

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is red.

So I had a whole other post lined up for this word, but then last night I saw this graph in a news article I was reading:

And now I have a feeling that because of that stupid red line, I will be spending Christmas in Toronto, and not with my family…

Like its insane! The projected numbers are on par with like Florida in May! What is that?!?!


My work friend thinks we will be closed again soon. The school boards are considering a 3 week winter break instead of just two. They will extend into the summer if they do that, but we would probably stay closed and switch to online learning. We are all set up and ready to go. And after the surprise positive cases at Thanksgiving, I have made a second copy of units I need and have a full set of work books at my house. Just in case it ever happens again that we are shut down.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #27

  1. I’m sorry to hear this. We are going back to online learning for the whole school next week. We’re having a rise in cases in our community as well. It just isn’t ending. I’ve got plans to visit my family for Thanksgiving but I’m having second thoughts about it.

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  2. I don’t know about a vaccine so soon. I blame our idiot in chief for our continued spread. Thankfully, even though our governor has made some poor personal choices lately, he seems to be able to keep California not as bad as some of the other states. It really is causing tension and grief in our family as well since one of our daughters lives on her own and not only is she feeling the loneliness, the kids that are living with us want her to stay away because they are afraid of exposure. I really don’t need family drama in addition to the rest of the stuff.

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  5. Australia had gone 10 days without a community transmission case for the whole country until yesterday. Now it looks like there might be a new outbreak. Unfortunately it is the city where The Hub’s family are and we’d bought flights for him to visit them in 3 weeks. Aargh. I hope it isn’t money down the drain (flights are $$$).

    I’m glad you’re prepared for all eventualities, although I hope they can squash it so you can be with family. And I don’t think I’ve missed any posts so I’ll have to ask…where is home for you at the moment? Did you move in with your friend?

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  6. We have not had any close cases that I know of at our school but i’d personally like an extra few days of online. We were supposed to work the Mon-Tue of Thanksgiving which for here is week after next, but they told us last week that those two days would be virtual. Im so ok with that. I have been going nonstop bc my coworkers husband got it and she had to stay out 14 days so I had to keep the boat a float as you could say. I enjoyed it but will also welcome some down time. I hope your living situation settles down soon. There is obviously some reason for you to still be there and I pray that is revealed to you before long. I hope you have a great week!!

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  7. Girl people are crazy! Obviously working at the health department I hear it all, but we are currently working through a situation that stems from a church where the pastor told his congregation to “stop living in fear” and that if people contract COVID “it’s God’s will”. That same church then held a dance a week later to lift people’s spirits and we now have an outbreak. We’re working through the positive cases to find contacts and my gracious, these people…

    I understand people are fed up with this virus (imagine how the people working to fight it feel), but just because you’re fed up/lonely/tired of taking proper precautions doesn’t mean the risk is gone. It’s seriously infuriating!

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    • Oh my gosh my dad’s church is Sooo infuriating because the pastor is all pro-Trump and this is all a hoax and you dont have to wear masks. Like EXCUSE ME?! You are putting my loved one at risk you stupid man. Uuuuggghhhhh I go to church at home lol my church has live streams on youtube

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