Stupid Rona


So here I am, 9:30am on a Monday, blogging. Ya know what that means? It means I’m at home. Sitting in my pj’s, watching Netflix.


Because I woke up with a low grade fever!!!! Felt flushed so after coffee and breakfast and brushing my teeth I took my temp. I’m usually 36.7-37.2 but it was 37.4 – okies a little higher than normal. But I just had coffee and was rushing around. I sat for 5 minutes and took again: 37.5! I sat for 5 more minutes, no moving, and took again: 38.4!!!

I called the school and was told to stay home.

I took a tylenol at 8am, and after getting my supply teacher set up, I rested a little bit and checked again and its 37.4 now.

Either way, I am home for the day and you get to hear about my life.

I hate my new living space.

I have been lied to so many times – by other tenants and by the landlord. If the Rona hasn’t got me, I’ll be looking at a new place Wednesday before work. It’s still very close, and with a friend of mine. It’s $250 less than here, but I’d have to pay a share in hydro and internet, and get a bus pass again. No biggie, all those things can’t be more than $250 lol.

So the reasons here:

When I viewed the place, the landlord was stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it. She had a tenant show me around. Which I thought was great because I was asking him questions about the others and the landlord and he gave me a glowing review. I peaked in the bathroom real quick but he had just had a shower so it was hot and steamy. I was told the other tenants are quiet and respectful.

I was told by the landlord that I would be sharing this space with 3 other people – 4 to start off with but the one couple was leaving soon so then it would just be one person in that room instead of 2. That everyone follows a cleaning schedule.

I was told that downstairs that was a couple and another guy.

Okies so let’s get into what it’s really like here:

The other tenants are LOUD. Like one guy lets his alarm go off for 45 minutes sometimes in the mornings. Another has phone calls at 11:30 in the kitchen basically yelling. There are at least FIVE people living downstairs and a separate apartment at the back which has super loud people and they are right under my bedroom. They play their tv ALL NIGHT sometimes.

The bathroom had a broken shower head which just got fixed which is lovely now. But before the floor was always wet. The counters are ALWAYS soaking wet because the other people don’t dry them. The walls had tons of mould but the landlord had a guy come and sanitize all that and repaint so at least that’s fixed.

A repairman was here while I was in isolation and literally just walked right into our living space without being invited or allowed in. They were working on the pipes in the lower level and they needed the water off – um yeah I don’t care I could call the cops right now.

The lady and her boyfriend have a third person staying there, which isn’t allowed. And they keep flipping the breaker to the power in my room. Which doesn’t affect them AT ALL. Just one outlet in the kitchen, then my bedroom and the other quiet guy’s bedroom. So on Saturday I didn’t have power for almost 12 hours because the breaker panel is in someone’s bedroom. Which is illegal btw. Since we don’t have access to it and those tenants were out.

The kitchen is a hot mess! I deep cleaned it and then told the others to keep it clean to keep the knats away. A few hours later the counters are all sticky and wet again! The lady NEVER cleans up after herself! Its so frustrating!!!

The guy who showed me around has moved out. He was here for about two months or so, and he told me he lied about everything when he was showing me around. His room now has TWO girls in it as of last night. So instead of it being me and three other people, it’s not me and SIX other people. And I saw a container of kitty litter last night while they were moving in, and I am severely allergic to cats so if there is one here I will be so upset.

SO it looks like I’m moving again. I will view the new place on Wednesday before work and then if it’s all good will start packing up AGAIN. I didn’t want to, but I have to. I’ll hire some movers this time though. It’s just less than 5 minutes down the street so it’s not that far. My friend has been living there a while so I might actually sell off some of my stuff to make the move easier – dishes mostly as I probably won’t need them or have the storage space for them.

If I move, I’m asking for my November rent back from my landlord. I have already paid “last months rent” so I shouldn’t have paid for November.

And now I am sitting in my new Ikea chair, watching Heartland, and having snackies. And being angry at this whole situation – living space, feeling bleh. RAGE!!!

33 thoughts on “Stupid Rona

    • They have a cleaning sched: tues was O, thurs S, and Sun N. i offered to get on rotation but was told no worries we have the week covered.

      Aka: no one does anything ever. N cleaned the bathroom maybe twice since I’ve been here. Not once a week. I am disgusted


  1. Oh the joys of renting a place! The ppl in my building drive me nuts too, but luckily they donโ€™t share a kitchen with me. Theyโ€™ve got their own apartment dwellings. I get it though – I would also like to move out and have a quieter place to live!

    My advice would be to buy a house but #Canada.


  2. Oh my you poor thing! I would seriously report that landlord to someone. Sorry you have to move again but hopefully this one will be better. Cross your fingers for us and our election tomorrow and I’ll do the same for your move ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I so badly want you to find the perfect living environment. I hate that you have been through the ringer with roommates as of late; everyone deserves a peaceful home environment. Fingers crossed this next place will be that haven you deserve.

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  4. Oh no! Why did he lie? Especially as he obviously wasn’t happy – you’d think he’d have warned you to stay away. Bummer you have to move again, but hopefully this time it will be better. Owning your own place comes with its own set of headaches, but at least you choose the people you are living with… or you live on your own.

    I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this and that your next new place is perfect. xx

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    • The fever passed pretty quickly and I’ve been holding steady in the good zone for most of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

      And idk why he’d lie! He knew I was looking to get out of a bad situation and this place honestly isnt any better. I wish I could move into my own place but I just can’t lol


  5. That is just so annoying when people don’t clean up after themselves.
    I absolutely hate wet bathrooms and wet counters.. eeek
    I hope you do move into a better place! And that you are safe throughout!
    Take care and get well soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Oh my God I was getting second-hand anger reading this. You deserve better than this and I hope the next place is much much MUCH improved. Did you tell the landlord that the guy lied about everything when he was showing you the place? Maybe pull out that info if they insist on you paying for November. Hope you’re feeling better!

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    • I am feeling better, but I’m pretty sure I had a small heart episode on Sunday when it was all happening. Like my heart was RACING so bad.

      I go tomorrow 8am to see the new place.

      I will mention all the lies when I ask for my rent back. I paid on time because I’m just that kind of person and she said I was getting a key to the breaker panel room. Then she took it back and two new people moved in?! No. No. No. Give it back cos I’m leaving lol well if I’m leaving before the end of the month I want it back. I already lost a month of rent moving to this place, I dont want to lose another month of rent moving again….

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