Sunday Scribblings #25

Aaron’s topic this week is company.

I have recently started back into the world of online dating after completing my 100-days of spiritual regrowth. I took dating off my agenda during that time, because I know myself and I know that dating is a distraction in my life.

But what is the point of dating anyway? To have some company – you don’t want to be alone and want to share your life with someone else and share in theirs.

I’ve met one person since I opened some profiles in September. It’s been about 6-weeks now. The guy I met was nice and we seemed to have a good connection and vibe, but after meeting that one time, poof he kinda of disappeared.

I haven’t really had much luck with connections this time around. It could possibly be that I have set the bar very high this time. Well, not like IMPOSSIBLE, but I have a very firm standard now: Christian. Like it’s just one aspect of life but I feel like I need that in my life, especially after I spent so much time making my own faith a priority. I want that in a partner.

I matched with this one guy, but he was Muslim. I right away said sorry I only date Christians, but he wasn’t a practicing Muslim, and Muslims do believe the Bible they just believe other things as well, so we decided to stay friends. Our vibe was amazing.

The only thing is that we started talking the day I got tested for COVID, aka day 2 of my isolation LOL. He knew this, and he’s a doctor, so he was understanding. Even so, we chatted all day, all the time, and it was so nice to have the company. It was hard because I really wanted to meet him though. And we had a plan that the day I was released from my Health Act mandated lock down, we would meet up.

We video chatted once, which kind of made it worse. He was much more attractive than his pictures LOL mostly because he had grown a very attractive scruff and it was flecked with grey – apparently this is a thing for me now, grey flecks in facial hair? I have no idea when THAT started.

Anyway, after our video chat, he seems to get distant. Same as the other guy. Kisses and lovely things right after but then distant. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s a busy guy, but after not hearing from him for a few days I knew something was up.

He finally replied to one of my messages and said he was busy and he missed me too etc etc. I asked if we were still meeting up (that day actually!!!) and he said he had been meaning to talk to me, can we just be friends? “We can still kiss but we be friends only” (his English is a little broken).

So that was the end of that…

But it was nice to have the company to get me through my isolation. I guess it helped to have the prospect of meeting him at the end of it. It also made it suck because I was wanting it to end quickly! But the distraction of him was nice.

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