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Imagine me doing this at 3:45pm today!

Isolation ended at noon for me. This was a personal choice. I needed to be isolated for 14-days from the last day of contact with the student who tested positive for COVID in my class.

His last day was October 6th and he went home at lunch. SOO it only stands to reasons that 14 days from then was today AT LUNCH not tomorrow morning as the email from our principal stated.

I’m sorry but I need out.

And I went out!

I went to the dollar store and got a few cleaning supplies I needed, and some isolation things for next time.

In particular: pencil crayons, markers, crayons, a pencil sharpener, two decks of cards, and a book of word searches.

This time I needed to take some screen breaks in the evenings and I tried to colour but I didn’t have enough pencil crayons! And I didn’t have a sharpener! So I was legit using a box cutter to whittle away the ends of pencil crayons lol just to colour for one night HAHA

The dollar store only had a 12-pack of pencil crayons so just to be safe I got the markers and crayons. The crayons are a 24 pack and the markers 12.

I got a deck of cards because I can play solitaire in isolation! Or use them for teaching, or build a house of cards. And I got a second deck because my favourite game to play with another person you need two decks smushed together.

I also got a pack of rulers since I never seem to have one. So now I have a ruler at home, one for my school bag and one for my desk at school. I’ll never be without one again!

I got a pair of rubber gloves and a pack of sponges and a bottle of lysol all around cleaner.

Friday we have the day off school. There is a protest in Ottawa against the war in Armenia and to make it available for students and parents and teachers to go, there will be no live lessons. I will post lesson materials online but there will be no actual lesson. I was going to go to the protest with some coworkers but we decided that we (2 of us) just got out of isolation and with the crowd we don’t want to be right back in HAHA so I will deep clean the kitchen. I am so excited. Yes. I am excited to clean the kitchen.

BUT like how long was I in prison for because I get to the dollar store and there are already a few rows of Christmas stuff…like when did that happen?

Also, I may have just ruined Christmas for my family but more on that later.

I’M FREE!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading my rambles.


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