Nail Art Halloween Nails

Because what else did I have to do this weekend?

Nothing! That’s right! It’s my last few days of being a prisoner so I decided to do my nails. It wasn’t a “because I can’t go out” decision, but more so a “it’s been three weeks and I need to fill these babies in” decision. And it was a good time too because the night before one of my nails peeled off.

I decided to take my sweet sweet time this week. I had removed the polish Friday night (I was doing my toes and since it was just regular polish the acetone made a mess so I have to remove it) and on Saturday set out to get the perfect application of poly gel so that I wouldn’t have to file.

To give a time reference, the first time I did my nails with the poly gel stuff it took about an hour and a half to hand file them at the end. I have my e-file now but the after filing is delicate and I like to do it with a hand file. But a hand file uses a lot more time and effort haha. This time it took 20 minutes to hand file after!! But to file and prep and fill and then file/shape it took two hours and I was tired so I saved the polish for Sunday.

Here is the process to get from Friday night to filled and beautiful!

I kind of fell in love with just the soft simple pink so after Halloween I will do another fill and just keep it simple and plain for a little bit.

Here is the inspiration for my Halloween design:

SUPER cute! I’m not too comfortable with ombres and I wanted to use all gel polish so I knew it would be a little bit of a struggle.

I had to buff off the top coat I applied Saturday to protect the product and then I attempted a few techniques on Sunday afternoon to get the ombre to look ok but it didn’t work so I buffed off the stained part and went with solid colours instead.

Then I took a tooth pick and a dotting tool and went about creating my spiders and ghosts. The ghosts were super easy, just a dot of white and then drag the polish down into a V shape, give it little flicks for the arms and then the eyes/mouth. The spider web was a little tedious to create but the spider was easy, big dot and then just drag out the legs, add the eyes after.

When creating, I did my right hand first (since I am left-handed) and it took a while, I was flash curing for 30 seconds between each step. Make the web, flash cure, draw the spider, full cure, ghost on one finger, flash cure, second finger, flash cure, third finger and eyes on spider, full cure, black spider eyes and ghost faces, full cure. It took a bit of time.

Then I did my left hand, which usually turns out worse because I have to use my non-dominant hand to do it, but it turned out SUPER cute too! This time I sped up the process. All the black on my web fingers, full cure, all the white, full cure, black details, full cure. In all, Sunday’s adventures also took 2-hours.


They may not be what I set out to do but they are very close and I just can’t get over how adorable they look. The faces definitely make it all worth while. Like oh goodness!!!


13 thoughts on “Nail Art Halloween Nails

  1. So cute. I do like the ombre too but I can see how it would be hard to get it right. Still, if I’m gonna do my nails, I think I’ll stick with the peel on stuff. It may be cheating but it’s way faster! LOL

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  2. The look completely professional, T. I am super impressed with how amazing they look – and no difference between right and left. Will you get to school so your students will get to see them before Halloween?

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