Week 1 Down

It truly feels like a prison sentence at this point…although my prison has all the comforts of life.

For those just showing up, let’s recap the last week of my life:

Friday driving to Thanksgiving, I get an email from my principal one of my students has tested positive and I am in immediate self-isolation for 14 days. I turn around, drop off my rental car, and am in my room.

I get a covid test Saturday morning, the results come back Tuesday morning negative.

EVEN THOUGH I have tested negative, I still need to self-isolate for the 14 days since I was in direct contact with the student. Which means in my house I have to wear a mask when I leave my bedroom, I have been sanitizing everything I touch, and I feel guilty during those moments when I’m brushing my teeth/taking a shower because I don’t have a mask on.

Today is day 11 since my last contact with the child. So I made the choice yesterday afternoon (day 10) to stop wearing my mask outside of my room. I tested negative and I am showing no symptoms at all. I have been sneezing since I made that choice but I also have been keeping my bedroom window open as much as possible, even to the point of being a little too cold, because I want the fresh air.

Work has been interesting. I have learned that staring at a screen all day for TV or typing is totally different then staring at a screen all day with little children. I am exhausted by the end of it! Completely drained! I sit in the same video call from 9-11:50, and then a different one from 12:50-3:30. And trying to focus my eyes on all the bouncing heads is really difficult, and the first few days caused me to feel sick and dizzy and like a nail was being jammed into my eye.

After work, I literally lay on my bed, glasses off, until 4:30 with my eyes closed. If I sleep whatever, but my eyes just need that rest. Wednesday/Thursday I couldn’t look at a screen after work was done without feeling nauseous so I was colouring or cross stitching. It’s weird trying to find something to do without a screen for like 5 hours straight LOL

Over all it’s been ok being stuck in my room. The hardest part is that I’m still on these dating apps that I opened. One of them has a time limit on matches. The woman has to message first. So if you match, the woman has 24 hours to initiate the convo, and then the guy has another 24 hours to respond or the match disappears. So I matched with this one guy Saturday after being tested and we have been talking ALL WEEK LONG. And he’s super affectionate and lovely and we just want to meet already but we can’t. Tuesday Oct 20th at noon is a full 14 days since my last contact with the positive child and I am meeting this guy Tuesday Oct 20th after work LOL it was going to be Wednesday but 1) I just don’t care any more, and 2) it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday and we are going to go for a walk so Tuesday is better. He’s working from home right now so at least we know that he’s ok, and once I’m done this 14 day stay in I’m ok. There will be hugs. Long hugs. And possibly some kisses but who knows! He might disappear this week LOL anything is possible.

Today is the first day that I actually feel normal. I’ve started to boil up some chicken stock for soup, I have laundry going, I’m just about to do “grocery shopping” (aka order it to be delivered). I’ll be doing my nails later too! It’s like my normal Saturday routine. I love it.

27 thoughts on “Week 1 Down

  1. Ugh. I’m isolating too. Was told to isolate on Tuesday evening after I was told not to go to clinical. I haven’t heard any updates about when I can go back to the hospital. So I’m in school but not in school. Sure feels weird being on a vacation which I don’t feel entitled to – kinda like playing hooky.

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    • LOL its sooooo hard! And like others from my school arent and it’s frustrating. The paper and our results say if you’ve been in contact and are negative with no symptoms you will have to isolate. People don’t seem to understand that the virus has a long incubation period and testing early means it could just not have developed enough in your system to be present.

      And I’ve had a few first meetings. But nothing goes beyond that it seems. Such a let down! Especially when you have a great time and it ends so well and then a day more of convo and poof he’s gone? Lol insanity!


  2. Well done ❤
    I know it is weird, and I think you are right, it is like being a prisoner.
    But you are awesome for doing this!
    I had a patient the other day who clearly does not care at all about anyone. He refused to wear a mask (even though he has no exemption reasons) sat there and rattled on about this being a big hoax and how he can do what he wants. He tried to take my PPE off me and he deliberately coughed in my face (I was wearing a face mask and visor).
    I treated him but I cautioned him that I could have him removed and reported to the police for his behaviour.

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    • Oh I definitely will follow all the rules! I may end my isolation a few hours earlier than the principal said LOL but it will be a full 14 days from the last time the student was in school. Just the middle of the day not the end like they told us.

      I think people in general need to be taking it more seriously. Especially with the second wave that has hit Toronto.

      I honestly would have had him removed. Especially since he coughed in your face and tried to take your PPE?! No sir.


  3. I’m glad your Saturday is feeling normal and that your time is nearly over. At least you have something to look forward to! I hope the date goes well 🙂

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