Nail Art: A Journey for Autumn Nails

This isn’t one design, it’s more of a two-week long saga of changes to get a cute design. So let’s go on the journey together.

Ok, so two weekends ago, I changed my “Back to School” nails to something else. I needed a fill and a new design. Since it was now officially autumn, I decided to go for a nice autumn design. I chose to use only regular polish, not gel, since it lasts the two weeks on my fake nails perfectly. However, if you see the first few designs are matte, that is a gel top coat.

I wanted to do a leaf design. I had this idea in my head of a light sparkly brown colour with two accent nails using one of my stamping plates and the new stamper I just got that worked so well in August.

So I filed and filled in my nails, and painted my nails a nice rich colour.

As you can see, the dark brown glittery colour turned basically black when the matte top coat was put on it. Not what I had in mind but that’s ok. Still autumn. So I set up my stamping plate, I got the colours I wanted for the leaves and mixed my own “autumn colours” since none were exactly what I wanted. I took the copper and mixed with the other three colours to make BEAUTIFUL fall colours.

Then I went to stamp. Well my new stamper would NOT pick up the polish from the stamping plate! I was so upset!!! My poor leaves!! After trying a few times, I just gave up. That was Saturday.

But then I wasn’t happy with the dark colour so I took it off and applied the copper instead. That was Sunday.

THEN I got this genius idea – like WOW. If I couldn’t stamp my leaves, I could make stickers!! So on Tuesday, I made my own stickers using the same colours as shown above.

If you have missed the post on how to make your own nail stickers, it’s very easy.

  1. Get plastic baggie
  2. using regular polish paint design on baggie, allow to fully dry
  3. peel off and apply to nail


So I let it dry for a full 24 hours, used a black thin tip permanent marker to go around the edges and add details and then I just applied a thin layer of top coat to my nail, laid them on, flash cured for about 10 seconds, and then put top coat over them and fully cured them under my UV light. That was Thursday.

They lasted four days but then I wanted to have a better design. The matte top coat feels weird sometimes and the leaves were flaking off a bit. They were cute for the few days but I wasn’t completely happy with them to start and now I was over it. So one week after starting my “autumn nails” journey, I just took the polish off and coated them with a beautiful “velvet” colour from Essie.

I really enjoyed this colour! It shimmers, has a lovely pearl effect where it has hues of purples and greens when you move your nails, made my nails look longer, and didn’t draw my attention to any flaws on the nails. I applied it on Saturday, but on Wednesday it came off.

I wanted a nice Thanksgiving design for the holiday weekend. Thursday night I had bible study and I was leaving first thing Friday so it had to be changed on Wednesday.

This was my inspiration for the design:

CUTE right?!

So I set out to do it! Using the dark glittery brown from the first set of nails I did, and the copper gold from all the rest, I spent Wednesday night inhaling fumes as I was hunched over my nails drawing tiny little acorns.

They honestly turned out so cute!! Since I’m home in self-isolation no one really gets to see them, but whatever.

So far it’s only been two weeks since I started this journey. They will stay on until next weekend, which will be week three for these nails and I will file and fill them and throw on a Halloween design.

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