Sunday Scribblings #22

Aaron’s topic this week for our inspiration is school.

I have a lot to say about school. I have spent my entire life in a school of some sort. As a student, as a teacher – school is just a part of me.

I love my school. We are a close family and when I say that I love them with my whole heart, it is not something that I say out of habit (like OH GOODNESS I LOVE HIPPOS). I truly love them deeply as my own flesh and blood.

My school has had a hard year so far, and we’ve only been back a month. But together we are strong and a support system for one another.

September started late for us, returning a week later than usual. A few days before we started classes, the husband of our librarian had a very bad stroke.

By the end of the second week, the husband of one of our SK teachers had died from an aggressive form of cancer. He was only diagnosed in December. The funeral was held at the church attached to the elementary school on October 2nd.

This community’s homeland is now in the middle of an all out war. They all have family in the country where it is happening, and friends/relatives who are soldiers are dying. We are raising money to support them and writing letters and drawing cards for soldiers. We are wearing the flag colours once a week, and there was a protest on Friday in downtown Toronto to raise awareness and support (of course some of us were in isolation by that time so we couldn’t go).

And now, as if that isn’t enough for my beautiful little school, we are all in isolation. The two sections who were in direct contact with the COVID students must fully self-isolate and get tested. Because of how close the community is, the entire school, from nursery to grade 12, is now closed for 2 weeks. We are all learning online.

I will do anything for my school community. I love them dearly, and can’t wait until October 26th when I can see them all once more!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #22

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  3. At least you are covid free and safe and able to keep teaching them because I know they will still be learning from you and will be ready for their Miss T when school does start back.

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    • Haha yes!! But I was not prepared for the exhaustion of this week AJ. Like staring at a screen from 9-3 basically and having my eyes bounce around to all their videos, my eyes hurt and are exhausted. I was getting massive pain in them and feeling sick at the end of the day. Thank goodness its the weekend haha and I’m starting to adjust a little bit more


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