So I got a COVID test

In today’s episode of “Uggghhh” we follow T as she gets her first COVID test.

Yesterday I shared with you my horrible day and at the end of it, I had booked an appointment to get a covid test on Monday at 9am. The hospital was only 10 minutes from my house. I had an uber scheduled and everything.

But then this morning my co-worker said someone else got a test at a different hospital and it was so fast, no lines or wait time. So she called them this morning. She lives with at risk parents and her niece is recovering from cancer so it’s important for her to be safe.

She called, was on hold for about an hour and was told she could come right away. AMAZING. So she went. When she arrived there was no line and from parking her car to leaving was under 10 minutes.

I immediately called the same place. I was on hold for about 40 minutes and at 10:30 was told to come any time before 12:30. I got Hubert ready to go with me for emotional support but then decided to leave him at home.

I got an uber and was on my way.

The uber out was $34!! Just one way! But I was like whatever man, this is important.

When we got there, I asked if he could wait and he said he would wait as long as he could. Then I saw that there was a line and told him to go. He said no worries to look for him when I come out and if he’s there he’s there but if he has another booking then he’d go.

So I went and as I was walking up to the line, my co-teacher was just leaving! We said hi and seeing her was so great! I got into the line which was long but it moved FAST. First you have to check in, and I was already registered so it was legit 30 seconds once I got to the window. Then you wait to be called. During that time, one of the nurses came around the corner.

When my name was called, they took me to this one area and had me sit in a chair. The nurse asked me to pull my mask down under my nose and asked if I was ready. I nodded, tilted my head back just a tiny bit and then closed my eyes!

And then it happened!!

I legit barely felt it. It was NOTHING. A tiny little burning sensation on each side and that was IT. My eyes didn’t water, there was no pain, a tiny baby bit of discomfort but really it was nothing.

The uber driver was still there when I was able to leave. The waiting in line and waiting to be called and the test took 20 minutes total. I created a new uber thing and it automatically connected me to him (thankfully cos I was sitting in his car already) and we drove back to our part of the city.

The bill for both trips was $68!!! LIKE WOW and I tipped the guy $20 for being awesome and for waiting for me. He was nice too.

So now I wait. The nurse said 7-10 days, the website says 3 so yeah not sure when to expect them, not like it matters since I am home for 14 days anyway, but I would love to have peace of mind just for my roommates.

18 thoughts on “So I got a COVID test

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  2. Awh Hubert is so cute! I like his mask. I had to get a COVID test in August and it was the nasal one, too, and I thought it was fine. I’m sorry you’re in isolation but I hope the test comes back negative!

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    • We are entering a second wave so there is a back log. You used to be able to just to go a centre and get a test. Now you have to make an appointment and meet certain criteria. The results came back pretty quickly! By Tuesday at 9am


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