How’s your day?

Is it good? Cos mine isn’t! Let’s talk about my day!

Today is the Friday before Thanksgiving here in Canada. Usually a happy time! No school, morning professional meetings and then the rest of the day off to get an early start on the long weekend – which lasts until Monday because Monday is the actual holiday!

This year, we had planned to finally go to Ottawa and have Thanksgiving at Le Brother’s house. First time a family event has been there. They are always at my parents’ place. My mom, as most of you avid readers know, has a few mental health issues and it took a LOT to get her to agree to go. And even up until Thursday she was questioning it and trying to get out of it. But it was all set.

So I was HYPED for today. Until today happened.

I was woken up by super intense cramps – ladies y’all will know what I’m talking about! The kind where they are so bad that you in your dream now has cramps and in your dream you are doubled over in pain, because in real life you are sleeping and curled into a ball of pain on your bed?

Yeah. THOSE types of cramps. Guys who didn’t appreciate reading about period cramps: grow up. I’m a woman and I have a period.

Okies so I take a pill and have breakfast. I leave to go to the rental place early in case there is a line. I want to leave town as quickly as possible to spend as much time with my brother as possible.

I’m waaayyyyy early so I get a hot chocolate and head over to the place. I’m about 25 minutes early and theres no line. SCORE. So I’m waiting. In 10 minutes my phone battery goes from 88% to 35%. No biggie, I’m a 5 minute drive from my place.

But then I am waiting and it’s getting closer to opening time and no one is in the office and the lights aren’t even on. Strange. So I start to look at all the notices posted on the door and one says the office is CLOSED.


So I call the number that called me for my confirmation yesterday. There was no mention of this branch being closed in the message they left. So I called the number. He says that it was closed due to COVID and that they would help me at their location. Did he offer to have someone pick me up? Did he check to make sure I could make it there? No. Just said they would be able to accommodate me. So he tells me they are at the corner of these two roads. Now I’m upset. And sad that I can’t leave as early as I want to.

So I get on the bus and continue on to their location. I get off the bus at the intersection and see their sign a little bit up the road. Like 1 minute walking. No biggie. I walk there and is there a location there? NO!!!!

I had noticed a different location a few blocks prior so I started walking. I got there and told them my story “I’m the one who called from the other location and its closed and no one told me” and they just said “oh no, well we can get you a car.” And then I asked why they didn’t tell me on the phone it wasn’t at the corner, and that I had gone to the other sign and nothing was there. They guy just chuckled at me and said they were just affiliated with the company.



Now I’m angry.

They asked for a second phone number. My phone is at 8% and I tell them it’s dead. Why do they need it? I gave them my parents’ house number which will have no one there for the weekend but whatever.

I get the car and head back home. My phone is at 1% when I arrive so I plug it in. I get my laundry started and email the company a MASSIVE complaint. I pack and then get on the road.

When I was leaving, one of my roommates was in the bathroom but that was ok, it was almost 11am and if I could just get out of Toronto, I would be able to make a stop at this big rest station and go to the bathroom and get some lunch to eat while I was driving. While I was driving the rental place person called and left a message (no calls while driving) so I called and left her a message as well.

I get to that place, and go into McDonalds (cramps = cravings for junk food) and as I’m walking to the bathroom I check my email. My principal has sent one that says URGENT so I open it.


Which means I am now in isolation!!

I leave the bathroom and head straight back to my car. I call my brother almost in tears. I have to go back home.

I cried the whole 30 minutes back to my house. Thankfully I was only 30 minutes out of the city.

I got McDonalds when I got back home. I called the car rental place and no they can’t come pick up the car, it’s “out of their area” so I have to go and drop it off. I inform them that I have been in close contact with a Covid positive person and they say to drop the keys and they will sanitize before even getting into the car. And since I had the car a grand total of 2 hours, it would be voided from my credit card.

I returned the car and got home. I called my parents who still had no idea. I wanted to make sure they went because if my mom goes then maybe she will be more open to doing things in the future.

So I am home now and in isolation. I have ordered groceries and they have been delivered. I have spoken to all my roommates and they understand the situation and that if something is wet after I touch it it’s because I have sanitized it. And that I will be sanitizing EVERYTHING and working from home for the next 14 days. And I have a covid test booked for Monday. And I don’t get to have Thanksgiving with my family and I have to stay in my room. And I have a little bit of laryngitis starting up too so I guess it’s good that I get to teach from home for the next two weeks because I won’t have to talk so loud. And apparently Toronto is now back in stage two because our numbers continue to raise.


How’s your day?!

26 thoughts on “How’s your day?

  1. I “liked” but feel so bad for you! So many disappointments AND possible infection. Please take care of yourself. My daughter is starting to teach the kids in person next week and they will be testing her every two weeks. We are all a little concerned about the same thing happening to her.

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  2. Working from home while on a period doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever. It sure beats having to go into work and fearing an accident.

    I don’t miss not having a period. I don’t miss the intense cramps. I don’t miss the “leakage” every time I stand up. As for isolation, it sucks. I’m grateful I’m not on isolation and haven’t been kicked out of clinical yet. The hospital I’m at has one of the worst COVID outbreaks in Alberta (and the worst in Calgary).


    • The kids have to have education its the law. We can’t just not teach lol we are already doing both online and in person anyway so its an easy transition. I can see our little school closing to students in the very near future. But then we we teach from the classroom and the students will be at home.

      Where do you live?! That seems like an extreme measure lol

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      • Australia. Union has ensured that teachers don’t get overworked by having to manage both on-site and online learning. The entire school closes to become home learning only. It’s for teachers’ workload and to stop spread. Depending, it might open again in a few weeks anyway, after quarantine period.

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  3. Oh no! (((hugs))) I’m so sorry you didn’t get to go home with family for Thanksgiving. I know you’ve been looking forward to it and how hard it is when that gets plucked from underneath you. I am sure I will read in a future post the result of your test (I am finally catching up after a rather bonkers couple of weeks).

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