Sunday Scribblings #21

This week, Aaron has given us the topic of carnival.

If you are Canadian like myself, you are sure to know about the winter carnival, Winterlude, that happens every year in Quebec. During public school French classes, we are introduced to Bonhomme, the mascot of the carnival. Bonhomme is short for the French “Bonhomme de neige” which means snowman ;).

Bonhomme Carnaval has been the mascot of the Quebec City winter carnival,  Canada's largest pre-Lenten

He is supposed to be a nice little snowman who helps you have fun at the carnival haha.

Most schools will put on a mini-carnival each winter to give the kids something fun to do. Of course, each school does this in a different way. The nanny family that I was with for three years had a carnival at their Catholic school, and last year, the private school I work at had it as well. Even though the children are already learning two languages at school, since we are in Canada they must also learn French (insert political rant here).

The French teacher for the lower school is a doll and I love her to death. Ps: she’s having a baby so y’all best be excited for her! It’s her first.

She planned this cute little mini-carnival in our recess space last year.

But it was in February, because Winterlude is in February.

Well one thing you need to know about winter in Ontario is that February is usually the harshest month. And harsh it was!! She had to reschedule her carnival a few times because of frigid temperatures. We can’t let the kids go out when it gets below a certain temp.

She was only part time last year because she is taking classes for her masters degree so she only had a small time window to get the kids out – during their scheduled French time. One section of grade one students had their event rescheduled about 5 times before she got tired of bringing all the equipment to school every day and just send a note to the parents saying “it’s happening tomorrow no matter what!”

And the kids LOVED it! They didn’t care at all that it was negative 15 with the wind-chill! They played their games and had fun and then at the end came in to have hot chocolate. And most left their outdoor clothes on because it was recess time right after.

I’m not sure what this year will bring, Winterlude is scheduled to happen from February 5-20 this year so maybe our school will have another outside carnival. But with this virus still around, it is anyone’s guess as to what might happen by then.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #21

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  3. Bonhomme! In Grade 10 I went on the Quebec trip to go to Bonhomme Carnival/the parade! I still have the little Bonhomme figure they gave us to tie up around the zipper on our jacket. Anyways, we were in an area with some shops, might’ve been a mall (?) when all of a sudden someone runs by us with an inflatable Bonhomme. They had stolen it from the entrance of a store haha. Unfortunately, I don’t think I actually saw it happen, I was just there and was told about it right after it happened because I somehow missed it. But I’ll always remember that lol…and the part where we got stranded on the highway for 3 hours at 10pm because the bus broke down on our way there and the bus company didn’t want to send another bus until we called the police. Lol high school.

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  4. And… I now have the Carnaval song stuck in my head! “Salut Bonhomme, salut bonhomme…” πŸ˜‚ The Carnaval de QuΓ©bec has always been just a few minutes from where I lived (until I moved to the UK) and now I feel quite nostalgic!

    I know many anglophones disagree with the obligation to learn French in school – and I get it, it’s not an easy language to learn and most people will forget all about it the minute they finish their schooling – but I personally think it’s a good thing. Not only because knowing more than one language is always a bonus, but because the French language and culture is a big part of our history and identity as Canadians.

    Anyway… Linguistic rant over! 😜 I hope the kids get to enjoy a relatively COVID-free Winterlude (what a lovely word) this year. It’s such a good way to make a cold and dreary season much more enjoyable!

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    • Awww I didn’t know there was a song πŸ˜‚

      I think its great to learn a new language but I think it should be optional. I have some strong opinions on the whole French/British history of our country but I won’t share them LOL I know they are harsh and not everyone agrees at all haha

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