Sunday Scribblings #20

Aaron’s topic this week is expectation.

Please be warned, images at the very bottom of the post may be disturbing to some viewers.

So lately I have had a lot of failed expectations.

For example: I expect when I get cute and go to meet someone they show up and that we don’t have our plans all mixed up.

I expect my printer to actually join up with the house wifi without having to sacrifice my first born to some pagan god.

I expect when I spend an entire prep period at work entering grades and notes into my school issued chromebook, using Excel because it is an excel spreadsheet that I have set up, that it will actually save and that I didn’t just waste 40 minutes of my time because all that work is now GONE.

I expect that when I post on Google Classroom that parents will ACTUALLY READ IT and follow what it says, not emailed me 4 days later asking for the exact same information that was posted on Google Classroom.

I expect when students write homework in their agendas and it’s posted on Google Classroom that they will DO IT!

I expect students to have the correct books in their bags each day because I posted a list of books to bring each day.

I expect students to hand in assignments on time – even if they are learning from home.

I expect our IT department to actually reply with a proper answer instead of beating around the bush and making things so much more complicated than they need to especially since I am using tech provided by the school to teach my lessons and I can’t even get the projector to work.

But most of all! I expect shoes to not destroy my feet after I’ve had them for an ENTIRE YEAR!!!

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