Sunday Scribblings #19

Aaron’s topic this week is lost.

When I started this blog five years ago, I was lost and looking for some answers to where my life needed to go. I had just been driving home from a job interview with a telecommunications company which would have allowed me to move back into the city where all my friends were, but it was so far out of what I had studied and prepared my life for, I didn’t know if that’s where I wanted to go. I remember driving home after that day and literally crying as I was driving. I hated where my life was and saw no real answer to where I was supposed to go.

I had to think about when I was last really happy. And it took some searching to find that answer! I started this blog as I was trying to figure things out because I find it very therapeutic to type things out. I guess I could have just started a written journal but I like that I can type super fast and keep up with my thoughts and can add things or take things out of paragraphs without making a mess on paper. How inconvenient it paper and pen writing sometimes?! LOL

So I figured my life out and I still have this lovely blog. I would most definitely be lost without it! And you dearest readers. xoxo

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #19

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  3. I write some thing son paper and some things on screen. I like my to do lists being on paper because there is great satisfaction in crossing things out as I do them. I write my manuscripts on screen – but then I print and do all my editing on paper. I guess I’m a hybrid 😉

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