First Day Teaching

Can we say this is post-covid? Like are we in the “post” stage yet? When does that start?

So today was the first day back to school. I was excited and nervous and now that it’s over, I am so happy and a lot more relaxed.

Teaching in a mask is draining. There is no other way to say it. When I knew we were going to be going back to teaching, I thought that I would be able to just wear a face shield to teach and then put on my mask when I was close with the children. But that’s not the deal. I must have a mask on at all times. The face shield is there for when I’m in close contact with the kids – like when I start to do reading assessments later this week.

Anyway, so I volunteered to do either before or after school supervision since it is an extra paid time. Who doesn’t like extra money? And it’s just an hour. I was hoping for before school but I was given after school. And I am actually excited for it! It means that I get to sleep in! And I have first period prep 3 days out of the week so I don’t have to rush to get to school.

I was able to sleep in until 6:30 today, and tomorrow I’m gonna see how 7 works!! I think I can pull it off! Like based on the morning schedules of the others in the house, I think I can totally make it work! And an extra hour of sleep for me every day is going to be AMAZING!

So, I get to work at 8 and set up and get ready and the day way ok. Our wifi was a little bit cutting in and out so it was frustrating but I got the online students settled and working and my class too. My morning class was super cute and quiet. Probably because it’s the morning and we are learning to stay in our seats and raise our hands. Honestly the masks were not even that much of an issue. A few were falling down cos the kids faces are so small but that’s ok LOL

The afternoon class was a little rowdier than the morning, but they had woken up by that point. Again, got the online students settled and then turned off my live stream. I’ll do the same tomorrow.

I stay until 5 with another teacher to do dismissal of all the students who aren’t picked up by 4. The only thing is that parents are told they can come at 3:15. Recess is done at 2:55 so we aren’t even in the class until 3 and then as soon as we got inside, one boy left. He missed the entire last period! So we will have to see how that goes…

Then home and finally got to do my laundry! I’ve been taking my bag down multiple times a day since Sunday trying to get my one load in. Now it’s so big that it’s making my drying rack buckle a little bit. But I didn’t want to use/pay for the dryer lol Not when it’s still decent out that air drying is ok. In the winter I will put it in the dryer.

Although I did have the excellent thinking skills of a doofus when I got home. I apparently didn’t check my coffee mug when I put it into my bag after school and when I got home, I took it out of the bag and literally threw it onto my bed and it was open…so the coffee made a nice puddle that I then had to clean up and now I have a coffee stain on my comforter and my sheets ALL the way down to the mattress. So I will have to wash and dry them this weekend…. amazing.

But now the day is over and I am resting at home. Shower and sleep soon!

YAY! Back to work!

7 thoughts on “First Day Teaching

  1. Sadly I don’t think we are anywhere near saying “post” covid. I think that will only happen when (if) there is a vaccine and everyone’s had their shot.

    And Yay on surviving the start of school 🙂

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    • Uuuggghhh yeah I agree… maybe post lockdown? But if our numbers keep going up we might be back into that again too LOL

      And yay!! Sleeping last night was not easy…but we made it to morning and here we go again!


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