Nail Art Back to School

Obviously I needed a new nail design for when school starts back up on Tuesday!

In the last nail art post that I made, I shared that my thumb nail broke off while setting up my classroom. It was so sad because it was the first break in two months!

Ya see, I have this thing, where if one nail breaks or chips, I pick at allll the rest! And with them growing out so much and being so thin (since they are so short) I was able to break off/cut off chunks from quite a few nails. So I very quickly filed off all the nails. My natural nails had free range and fresh air for about 5 days before starting a new design.

Well since I had filed off every single nail before, I had to rebuild a full set. Something I hadn’t done in two months haha. But I decided that I wanted to do them slowly so that I didn’t waste a lot of product and so I didn’t have to file a lot once the nails were done.

This seemed like a good idea at the start…

So I basically did one nail at a time. I took my time, I made sure that I had the product nice and thin at the cuticles, I cured one nail for 15 seconds before starting the next so the product didn’t shift around. After two nails, I would fully cure those two nails, take off the nail forms and start the next.

It was a good system. It also took a full length movie (Inspector Gadget), plus an hour long comedy special (Iliza Shlesinger on Netflix), and a little bit of a tv show episode (Heartland) to get the nails ready to decorate. But the filing was very limited and shaping was very easy. I did make the outer corner of my thumb a little too thin so it broke off and I had to fix it. But that took all of 2.5 minutes.

Then I needed to paint them. And again, I took my time. Slowly brushing the polish on, using a clean-up brush and making sure it was perfect. I didn’t want to go into school with polish cured to my skin on the first day.

I didn’t make a video because the walls here are thin and I didn’t want to be annoying my new roommates with the constant talking about nails for 4 hours….because that’s how long it took to do this set my friends! FOUR HOURS! I started setting up at 12:30 and finished packing it all away at 4:20 lol. Y’all it was a full afternoon. But it didn’t really feel that long. And I am so happy now that they look so cute!

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