Sunday Scribblings #18

Aaron’s inspirational word this week is hunger.

It has been a full week now that I have been in this new place. And let me tell you! WOW guys. Like after the first weekend and I started to feel like settled and actually sleep well, it’s been nice.

I am still waiting on some shelves that I ordered, they will be delivered to my Flexpost at the corner (a 2 min walk) and I will carry them home after work one day. Hopefully they aren’t too heavy. Ps: any Canadians who don’t know what Flexpost is, I love it and highly recommend it. Click the pink words, it’s free and amazing!

When I moved in, after getting everything set up that first day last Saturday, I just needed two more things:

  1. The new Fridge
  2. The new shelves

I wasn’t going to do any grocery shopping until the new fridge arrived. The fridge here is already full and unorganized and a HOT MESS!! I brought food with me for Saturday since I was cleaning out the one at my old place, but that was it. The new landlord text me on Friday that the new fridge was coming just give her a few days for delivery.

It arrived on Wednesday! Praise God! There was a note on it that said we couldn’t plug it in until 24 hours later, so on Thursday when I got home from work around 4, I plugged it in!

But I had been eating out for lunch and dinner ALL DANG WEEK. Which was ok because there are a lot of places within walking distance of my new place and work that I was ok for the week but it’s expensive! And what if you get hungry at home and want a snack? Tough cookies sweetie! Cos all I have in my bedroom is a bag of bagels lol. Well and a few snacks haha. But nothing substantial.

Which also meant that I wasn’t bringing anything to work with me and I was leaving to go get food. Which ALSO meant that when we had meetings and I couldn’t get away to get food I started to develop this thing called “hangry” where you are hungry and angry? That has never happened to me before LOL it might be a side affect of this intermittent fasting but oh goodness I had no patience for anyone once I started to get hungry. Like let me EAT!! WHY ARE YOU TAKING OVER AN HOUR TO HAND OUT LAPTOPS TO 10 TEACHERS!?!?! AAAAHHHHGGGGGGGG DUDE COME ON!!

It was a struggle! And I am not proud of how I acted…

BUT now the fridge is here. I went shopping Friday morning, got back to unpack and have lunch. Then cooked two big meals (roasted chicken/potatoes/carrots and pasta) and packed 8 dinners for the week! From stepping in the door from shopping, to clean up after cooking, was two hours so it was pretty great! And guess who doesn’t haven’t to cook again until Saturday! MWAHAHAHA So now I’m set for food all week and I don’t have to be hungry anymore!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #18

  1. I do a lot of that multi meal cooking and I totally get the hangry! Been there too. Glad things are progressing nicely in the new place. Funny with all those people you have less drama (so far that I’ve read anyway) than you did instantly with that one other weirdo. Have a great week.

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    • Haha yes!! We all basically keep to ourselves! I hardly see anyone else. Only thing is that I wanted to do laundry today and went to go down and throw in a load and the keys are gone from their spot…so I guess I have to wait…should have done it yesterday but I needed some coins for it… bleh

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    • I have taken a shelf and a drawer in the new fridge, and so far half a shelf on the door. My thinking is that there will be two tenants in one fridge and two in the new one. The new one is pretty big! Once I shop more, I have a feeling I will expand out onto a second shelf. If the other fridge dies, we could all easily fit in the new one by taking a shelf some space on the door

      The other fridge is a standard size. Like not as big as the new one but its decent. It they organized it, it would be better I think. But not really my problem lol


  4. Sounds fabulous! And love the new school nails (okay, jumped the gun but they were so cute xx).

    We don’t have the same as you guys, but we do have a few options for postal delivery here (we can even change the delivery address part way through delivery for parcels).

    At least you can handwash in the shower if things get desperate.

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