I am in my new place!

IT has been a CRAZY long week, y’all. Like crazy long!

Work started again on Monday with a few online meetings and then Tuesday was the day that I got my keys to my new place. I met the actual landlord on Tuesday and she was showing me around and I asked if she’d consider getting a second fridge and she said yeah but based on my experience with my current landlord I was already looking for mini-fridges to put in my room lol. And then when I got home from picking up the keys, I loaded up a bunch of stuff into the car for Wednesday. I dropped it off after I was done at work on Wednesday.

Then I went home and went to Ikea. And then packed the car again.

Thursday I dropped it off after work, running into the very attractive roommate there, and then went back home, dismantled my bed frame and packed it up with a whole bunch of other things. Thursday night, I got a text from my landlord telling me that the fridge is coming but it just needs some days for delivery. WOOHOO

FRIDAY I get to the house at like 10:30 in the morning, thinking that people will be gone to work and it would be empty. Well….NOPES…. basically woke up the entire house, and especially the people who are on either side of my room. And I’m pretty sure the people in the basement were banging on the walls as well because after I had been in the house for about 45 minutes, I heard a guy outside on the phone saying how it was so rude and “no f-ing respect” with all the banging and stuff. But it was 11 am!

I was at the new place for about 4 hours setting stuff up. I build my bed frame again, my new desk and got my tv out on it, then my shelving unit which took literally all my energy to push the shelves in and I can’t get one last screw in all the way but I gave up. Then I build my new chair. All these things are from Ikea of course haha, except my bed.

Then I unpacked everything except my cooking stuff and went home, then dropped off the rental car.

Today, Saturday, was the last day. I was up and had the rest of my room packed by 10am and just waited for the mom upstairs to text me that she was ready. She said after she woke up so like 9/10 but I was worried about getting to the house way too early again. But it was good timing! We had her truck packed up with my last few things by 11 and over to the new place for 11:15.

People were up and in the kitchen and laughing and cooking so it was great. The mom from upstairs is almost 8 months pregnant so she carried in one bag of bedding and then I told her to hang out in my new chair with Hubert. Me and her son got everything inside in about 10 minutes! The mattress was the last thing to come in, and I had no strength left in my arms at that point. I barely made it up the stairs. Her son helped a LOT. I said goodbye and settled in.

I got my laptop connected to wifi, ate some lunch, and then took a nice hour and a half nap. I am literally 2 minutes from the grocery store and I went to get some snacks earlier. I have a bunch of things in my room to last until the landlord gets the new fridge delivered.

Now I’m sitting in my new very comfortable chair, feet up on the end of my bed, watching tv. The private listening actually works super well in this room and I am excited about it!

The only thing I am not excited about is my printer. It is refusing to set up and I can’t deal with it anymore. I am so angry and frustrated with it.

The attractive roommate is in IT and has already given me his business card but that’s a last resort. I am exhausted and on my last bits of energy so I will tackle it again tomorrow. If all else fails, I will print things at work on Tuesday and if that doesn’t work then I might have to break down and ask the roommate HAHA. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I didn’t say goodbye to the crazy roommate. I didn’t talk to him all week, until he decided to ask me a question the other day – asked if I knew who was going to be renting my room. I left a few things there, and when I left the house this morning, I locked my keys in my bedroom. I technically have the room until the 30th but I don’t want to go back. When the people upstairs were ready to help me move things out, I closed the kitchen door since he was in there washing dishes and I didn’t want him creeping on us and because he makes the kids so uncomfortable. He opened the door a little to see what we were doing and then closed it again. Kept peering in. Left without saying a single word to him.

When I was done with lunch I sent my landlord an email telling him where the keys were and that I had left a few things and then also mentioned a lot of things that needed to be fixed before they rented it out again. Adding that their lack of commitment to maintaining the place was a major factor in my leaving, that and the whole crazy roommate.

14 thoughts on “Moving

    • I am looking forward to it too! They seem to be a noisy house late at night but it was also Saturday night so I can’t really judge how that will be in the fall. I just put in ear plugs and drifted right off. But I’m used to boiler room noise, upstairs tenant noise, and lately the dehumidifier noise, so I think I will be ok. LOL and I do have a lot of new roommates! I am on the top floor of the house and all that is up here are three bedrooms and a bathroom. So if you are looking up the stairs it goes bathroom, future husband, me, quiet guy. and then on the main floor there is Indian girl, and I THINK a married couple?! I’ve seen a random guy coming out of the shower who isn’t my future husband or the quiet guy. But I also think that it’s just one big room off the kitchen and not two…beause I think I saw Indian girl come from the shower and into one door but come out the other?! idk!

      The basement is totally separate from us upstairs. No access. And there is a married couple down there and one other guy.

      So it’s a busy house! And the landlord must be making BANK but it seems well taken care of, and definitely so much better than a basement with mouldy carpet lol

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    • YES! And after today I should have my cooking supplies probably worked out LOL I have no where to put them! But I found a nice, sturdy, metal shelf on the Walmart website so I’ll go check it out in person today. It would be perfect for all my stuff. And I could set up a little breakfast station here (coffee and toaster) so I don’t have to be going up and down the stairs in the morning so many times at 6am LOL

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