Driving a Skittle

So I rented a car…

Last weekend, I rented a car so I could spend the whole weekend with my parents before school started and I’m exposed to lots of little kids covered in germs. When I made the reservation, I was picking it up Friday evening at 4pm, and then would return it on Monday at 4pm. Monday was the first day of teacher set up week and what usually happens is we have a meeting in the morning and then we have the afternoon in our classes to start setting them up. So my thinking was that I would come back to Toronto Sunday night, pack the car with all my school stuff and take it on the Monday since I didn’t want to have to take multiple trips on the bus with all my classroom things.

It was a solid plan! Until I found out that our Monday meetings were all virtual and we wouldn’t have access to our classrooms until TUESDAY.

Ugh. Fine! So I extended my rental for another day. Now 4 days in a row.

But I was renting the least expensive class of car from the rental place because I didn’t need all that much room for my classroom things. They are just heavy and awkward to carry. And then I was moving this week so I also had rented a bigger class of car for Thursday to be able move stuff that day as well.

I picked up the car Friday afternoon. I had booked the economy which is like a Chevy Spark – I call them jelly beans because they are so small and I usually get a pink one.

2020 Chevy Spark Compact Car | Hatchback Car

But I guess, it being Friday evening at 4, they didn’t have any of that size left so I was upgraded FOR FREE to a Kia Soul – BRAND NEW, only had 43 km on it, but it was what they like to call one of their “skittle colours” because it was green – bright, lime green….

2020 Kia Soul LX Specifications - The Car Guide

So I was telling my dad about this plan and he asks how many days I was renting for, and I said 5 in total (4, one day without a car, then one more day) and he asked why I didn’t just get their weekly rate and keep the car for the whole week.

I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD DO THAT! Like I knew you would keep the car for as many days as you paid for it but I didn’t know that they had a weekly rate!

So Saturday, I called up the rental place and asked about their weekly rate.

The guy said he would check but I was already getting a pretty sweet deal because I use my alumni card and get a discount.

To put it into perspective, before taxes if I was just renting a regular car for 24 hours, it’s about $55, BUT with my discount it’s $35! For their smallest class car. To get the Kia Soul, it would be $74 a day without and $70 with (not too much of a discount there…)

So here I am paying $35 a day for a $74 a day car!

The guy on the phone did his computer thing and my alumni discount gave me a weekly rate too!! Since I had booked their smallest class size, I was charged that for the whole week, and before taxes it was $210! Basically getting one day free, since it dropped the daily rate down to $30 per day. Which was amazing!

Again, keeping the larger class car for the whole week, paying the smallest size price.

And it honestly was a God send! If I had to move all my stuff this week just having Thursday and one day with the pick-up truck upstairs?! Like I could have done it but WOW it would have been way too much!

I have taken over car loads Wednesday/Thursday/Friday this week. Friday I stayed for about 4.5 hours building all my furniture and unpacking as much as I could. And then today is the day I move the rest! I have my bed, and a few last items – a box of dishes, food, clothes, my bed. It seems like my stuff has multiplied over the last week. Where did it all come from?! Even after donating a TON of stuff. But I guess that’s what happens when you are an adult and need more than just clothes to go between living spaces lol.

Just finishing up a last load of laundry now and I should be moved over by lunch today! WOOHOO

6 thoughts on “Driving a Skittle

    • LOL no idea! Possibly Tuesday night when I had the car packed full of things to bring over…the first few days I was lucky enough to pack it when he wasn’t around, but he could have looked in the windows as he was passing by? He’s so nosy! Like the upstairs lady and I were taking out on the lawn Friday evening and he comes out for a smoke, and our door to the basement is around the side of the house, and I’m facing that way, and all I see is the bill of his baseball hat sticking out at the corner for a few minutes while he listened to us. CREEPYYY


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