Nail Art Betrayal

I am so upset!

As most of you know, I have been doing my own hybrid gel fake nails now since June 20th. The first day after school finished. I didn’t want to be distracted by them while I was supposed to be teaching and working so it was a good compromise.

That week I had a few nails break off. And the week after, I had ONE that the tip broke off while prepping it for a new colour of polish. So since the start of July I have had no air bubbles, no cracks, no breaks, no snaps, NOTHING!

I was feeling pretty good about myself.

But even if there were any, I had my nail stuff right on the shelf in my room and I was able to fix them if I needed to.

But now I am moving.

Last weekend, I packed up all my nail stuff. I had just done a fill and fresh polish, I had filed the nails down to as short as I could go to let them grow out over three weeks before my next fill (I let the file get right up to the end of my finger so the nail and skin were flush) and they all looked good!

Then life happened! I started to pack up other things, Tuesday/Wednesday this week I was at school cleaning and setting up my classroom, decorating the walls and door, painting numbers on the coat hooks, opening boxes and boxes of books for myself and other teachers. It was a lot.

And then yesterday, Wednesday, as I was standing at the office peeling a piece of masking tape off of a book – YES A PIECE OF TAPE! That was already starting to lift anyway, my thumb nail snapped!


It didn’t rip or tear the natural nail which is amazing! But how rude of it to think that it was allowed to do that!?!

It didn’t go all the way across so I was hoping that it would survive until I could fix it. But here’s the thing – all my nail stuff was in the rental car that was sitting right outside! And I was dropping it off at my new place, and I am not doing my nails again until next weekend! The 12th or 13th!

So I decided to try to ignore it, it seems to still have a nice little bit of nail attached to hold it in place. But then, about 20 mins later, I was waving my hands in the air talking about something and WOOOOSSSHHHH there goes the nail!

But here’s the thing! Obviously there was a massive air bubble underneath that just lifted the nail right off the finger lol however, it hadn’t lifted or broken off in 8 weeks! THATS AMAZING! Especially for someone who only started doing this 10 weeks ago! And the natural nail is healthy and wasn’t damaged by the breaking of the nail. And even though it was under the gel for two months, the natural nail wasn’t as thin and weak as I remember it would get when I had acrylics in my teens and early 20’s.

So overall, I am sad that the moustache design that was there isn’t there anymore, and it does feel a little weird to have that one nail being natural, BUT it’s nice to have the thin edge of the natural nail for peeling tape edges now LOL and I can easily build out a new nail next weekend when I get my stuff out.

Take a look at how this nail snapped off!

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